Trump Is Going to Burn the GOP Down

In my latest for The Root I write about the ascension of Donald Trump and how, on this ides of March, it heralds a realigning of the Republican Party, or, perhaps, even the destruction of the party as we know it. Either way, if Trump doesn’t get to remake the GOP in his image he will happily burn the whole thing down to the cheers of his supporters who want nothing more than to break the GOP. Continue reading


Aldis Hodge Is As Nice Looking As He Is Smart

When I interviewed Aldis Hodge at the White House last week I’m-a gonna be honest, I knew not nare nothing about him and even less about Underground, a new WGN series about slavery and the Underground Railroad that stars him and one of my favorite actresses, Jurnee Smollett-Bell. But I was willing to learn. Especially when the teacher was handsome as all get out!

Check out our brief convo on Soundcloud after the jump. Continue reading

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John Lewis was asked about Bernie Sanders Civil Rights bona fides Thursday and the Selma legend channeled his inner Mariah Carey and was very much “I don’t know her.” Well, actually he said, “I never saw him. I never met him,” and thus the questioning of Bernie Sanders Civil Rights work as a college student began. I wrote a piece about it for The Root breaking down how many Lewis’ incredulousness has something to do with the throngs of white people over the age of 60 who swear they marched with MLK.

Or maybe he was just being shady. Could be a little of both! Continue reading


Poor John Henson Just Wanted A Rolex

But the jewelry store dialed 911 and ruined his good time. Why? Because … um … well, they assumed the 6’11” NBA player was some kind of hooligan dead set on robbing them blind, that’s why! And what made them think that? Well, he called the store and asked them what time they closed. And if you already think this sounds pretty fishy, like, maybe the real issue was with Henson’s permanent tan, then you probably came to the same conclusion I did on The Root today — Black People Can’t Do Anything. Continue reading