ATTN: Things That Make You Go “Hmm,” Jay Z Talking About Racism

Over the weekend news site ATTN published my reaction to Jay Z’s recent statements that he thought Hip Hop music did more for Civil Rights than some Civil Rights activists. While I agreed that Hip Hop has been influential, let’s not pretend that racists can enjoy black art while despising black people.  Continue reading


5 Reasons Why Solange Tried to Beat Up Her Sister’s Husband, Jay Z

Or … “Don’t Fight Your Brother-in-law”

There are, um, a few reasons why singer/songwriter Solange Knowles decided to go H.A.M. on her brother-in-law, Jay Z, while her infinitely more famous sister, Beyonce Knowles, just kind of stood there fixing her dress.

1. He looked at her funny.*

2. She was drunk and took something the wrong way. (Mean drunks are the worst.)

3. Jay Z insulted her or her sister.

4. The Illuminati **

5. She has never, ever liked her sister’s husband. Continue reading