Everybody Panic!

My Hair Is Laid Like … the Women of Baltimore

This week powerful black women, doing things, who are taking care of business (or not) have emerged during the media frenzy surrounding the horrific death of 25-year-old Freddie Gray, who sustained injuries that led to his death while in police custody. In this painful tragedy, it’s hard to find a positive strand to cling to, but thankfully in Baltimore, sisters (and their versatile hair) truly are doing it for themselves, and are front and center in the fight for justice and peace in this debacle.

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NBCBLK: Race Gets Lost in Translation Between Kanye, French Designer

Wrote an introspective piece on how black people don’t like talking about race so much as they have to, lest it looks like we’re endorsing our own slaughter. The backdrop? My years avoiding race (and failing at it) in California and Kanye West’s embrace of a French designer who was shamed out of using the N-word. Continue reading


The Daily Beast: One British Vogue Cover Every 12 years Doesn’t Equal Diversity

For The Daily Beast I wrote a piece about Jourdan Dunn getting a British Vogue cover — the first black woman to don the cover solo since Naomi Campbell 12 years ago. While I’m happy for Dunn, WTF fashion industry? You are tripping. Continue reading

Jada Prather

How’s Your Afro Doing This Days?

fro whoa inset

After not making a T-shirt or new swag item in forever, I’ve collaborated with my friend and illustrator Jada Prather to create some new T-shirts fitting of readers of new and old. Because I love hair (and I have a lot of it), the first few shirts are hair-themed, including this one that proudly proclaims one’s ‘fro is “like whoa.” You can get different versions of it right now on Zazzle. So check them out!