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Johnny Wright Talks Whether or Not @FLOTUS Will Rock An Afro

For The Root Thursday I have both a story and video about celebrity stylist Johnny Wright, hairstylist to First Lady Michelle Obama. In the interview he talks about how he came to be her stylist and about what’s up next for his career. We also do a fun video together, going through Mrs. O’s best hair looks.¬† Continue reading

Lady Business

The Hair Salon and Me: Back Together Again and It Feels So Good

In 2002 I broke up with the hair salon. I’d gone completely natural the year prior and couldn’t take anymore of the ups and downs, drama and misery that was the standard of quite a few unprofessional black salons I went to as I moved from town to town, pursuing my career. But doing my own hair was drudgery. So after almost a decade of being natural, in 2011, I returned to the salon and began my search for an on-time stylist who would actually like (or at least act like she liked) doing my hair. Continue reading

Everybody Panic!

Put A Hat On It

Thursday for The Root I wrote another hair post … this time about black people and their “issue” surrounding the hair of children. Namely, people assume you don’t love your kids if you don’t do “something” with their hair. Of course you can love your kids and let their curls grow wild, but you will get¬†unsolicited advice, constantly. Maybe even a Blue Ivy petition. Because folks are crazy. Crazy about hair. So, when you want to have fun with your kids but are vaguely aware at how judgmental people can be, do what my dad did. Put a hat on it. Continue reading

The Snob

The Root: Beautiful Hair, Beautiful Lie


My hair in 2010 when I went on a friend’s cable show in D.C. I love it like this, but you don’t want to know how much work I had to put into it.

For The Root Thursday I penned a piece about my struggles to make my hair look like the enviable hair of Hollywood actresses and shampoo bottles only to be endlessly disappointed. There was no way to “wake up like dis.” Beauty is hard work.

Continue reading