Prince, Baltimore #Rally4Peace

He said it was also a rally for getting a “piece” of that economic pie. Prince challenged the young people to become leaders and entrepreneurs. It was pretty awesome. Nothing like a motivational speech in the middle of a Prince concert BY PRINCE. I was at the concert with Yesha Callahan and we sat in the NOSEBLEEDS, scared for our lives because we were so high up. But we still had a great time. Continue reading


Let’s Stay Together: Why Community Organizers Need to Get Along

Thursday for The Root I wrote a piece about a nonprofit collective that fell apart in Baltimore like so many have before. It was meant to bring all the groups together so they could fight for various causes, but struggles to find successors who could get along and the founders moving on to other things lead to its demise, to the detriment of Baltimore’s youth. This is a similar pattern that plays out at all social justice nonprofits, where members come together around one charismatic leader, but fall apart once that leader is gone.  Continue reading


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I went on HuffPost Live Wednesday to talk about what’s going on in Baltimore, as well as the presidential campaigns of Carly “Demon Sheep” Fiorina and Hillary Clinton. On that we discussed “playing the gender card,” which for me is a loaded term meant to silence legitimate debate about gender inequities. (Click photo to watch video.)

The Snob

Looking For a Voice for Baltimore’s Voiceless

Folks in Baltimore want to talk. They want action, but they really want to talk too. Something traumatic has happened to them that has affected them spiritually and emotionally and they need to excise that trauma. And talking to a reporter like me isn’t enough to do it. I write about this in my post for The Root Wednesday. It’s about a recent town hall Roland Martin hosted for TV One in Baltimore, but the people attending the town hall regularly tried to show up the panelists with their passion, fears, anger and sadness.  Continue reading

Everybody Panic!

My Hair Is Laid Like … the Women of Baltimore

This week powerful black women, doing things, who are taking care of business (or not) have emerged during the media frenzy surrounding the horrific death of 25-year-old Freddie Gray, who sustained injuries that led to his death while in police custody. In this painful tragedy, it’s hard to find a positive strand to cling to, but thankfully in Baltimore, sisters (and their versatile hair) truly are doing it for themselves, and are front and center in the fight for justice and peace in this debacle.

Continue reading


Jamal Bryant Is Fighting For the Heart of Baltimore

In my latest post for The Root I profiled controversial and charismatic pastor Jamal Bryant. Bryant is known for his viral internet fame when he quoted Chris Brown, but is also known for his work in fighting mass incarceration and police brutality. He spoke with me over the phone on Wednesday. We discussed the death of Freddie Gray, the impact it has had on the city and the controversy around that viral video. Continue reading