Poor John Henson Just Wanted A Rolex

But the jewelry store dialed 911 and ruined his good time. Why? Because … um … well, they assumed the 6’11” NBA player was some kind of hooligan dead set on robbing them blind, that’s why! And what made them think that? Well, he called the store and asked them what time they closed. And if you already think this sounds pretty fishy, like, maybe the real issue was with Henson’s permanent tan, then you probably came to the same conclusion I did on The Root today — Black People Can’t Do Anything. Continue reading

Lady Business

Danielle, The Prude

My name is Danielle and I’m a prude.

It isn’t that fun. I wish I were. Like most prudes my prudishness has more to do with how I was raised than it does with any real right or wrong ideologies. Being a prude is no more correct than being wild, uninhibited and outré. But being a prude is rooted in the idea that prudishness will save you from … something.

Unwanted attention? Society’s scorn? Perverts? No one’s ever been super clear on which horrors I’m avoiding by avoiding overt sexuality. Having fun? I’ve definitely avoided having fun. Mostly out of fear that fun would lead to something terrible. Continue reading

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The Snob

I’ve Been Writing Stories. I Swear!

Whew, seems I’ve been a little distracted of late and not updating with recent stories I’ve written! I’ve been writing throughout September but have been lazy about even looking at this blog. In the past month I’ve interviewed filmmaker Ava DuVernay and talked to her about her latest project in relaunching her gender and ethnic diversity in film releasing network. I did not one, but two stories on Jussie Smollett — one about a viral video of him mopping his floor and another about season two of Empire, his music and his work as an activist.  And I wrote a piece debunking some recent rumors surrounding activist DeRay Mckesson and his guest lecture spot at Yale.

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#BLM to Presidential Candidates: Get A Real Analysis on Race

On Tuesday I interviewed two activists out of Black Lives Matter chapters in Massachusetts who met with former Secy. of State Hillary Clinton. While they did have some words about their meeting with Clinton, ultimately they had a message for all the candidates: Get a real analysis on race. Continue reading