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Michelle Obama Visits Arlington And Old Codger Has A Crush (Slideshow)

First Lady Michelle Obama visited Arlington National Cemetery’s Women in Military Service for America Memorial Center in Virginia Tuesday. While she met with female veterans and spoke on veteran issues, CNN Jack Cafferty went full swoon over his belle, Michelle.

NEW YORK (CNN) — I think I am developing a crush on America’s first lady. Michelle Obama is more compelling than her husband. He’s good, but she’s utterly fascinating.

Mrs. Obama has blown away the stale air in a White House musty from eight years of the Bushes. It’s like the sun came out and a fresh spring breeze began wafting through the open windows.

It’s the people’s house, and Michelle Obama totally gets it. So much so that she has taken to inviting people in from the streets to see her home. Nice touch — one completely lacking in her recent predecessors.

Watch her when she visits a local school and you see the warmth and affection she instantly triggers in people. Kids are pretty much totally honest with very good BS-detectors. If they sense you’re a phony, forget it. But around the first lady, they want to hug her and laugh with her and tell her stories.

(Source: CNN)

“Fascinating?” “A fresh clean breeze?” Cafferty, what are you trying to say? Are these digs at the former First Lady’s “Smoking habit, what smoking habit?” You weren’t beguiled by the friendly, folksy librarian from Midland, TX? (Home of some delicious eatin’. I would know. I lived there for one HORRIBLE year-and-a-half. Don’t forget to drink at “The Bar” or they’ll shoot the dog. I still dream of your sesame chicken friendly ladies at Quo’s! I will always cherish our conversations in broken English!)

Where were all Laura’s love letters, Jack?

Much like Andre Leon Talley’s Vogue piece on Michelle, the love note goes on and on way past my normal a mount of “OMG! She’s so awesome” gushing. But, of course, I’m one to talk, as I’m hooked on Michelle photo crack and I don’t care who knows.

But apparently no one is immune from First Lady fever. Not even CNN’s second crankiest codger. (Lou Dobbs would be number one, BTW.)

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Oscars, What Oscars? All the “Cool Kids” Were at the White House (Slideshow)

Some observations:

Michelle and Barack looked breathtakingly gorgeous, making it very hard for me to be impartial. Clearly, no one came close to upstaging the First Lady’s gown which did look “red carpet ready.”

Michelle appeared to be wearing another Jason Wu dress in the earlier pictures in the kitchen. (I recognized it by the hand-made knots which seems to be a pattern in Wu’s work, including the inaugural ball gown and a dress she wore for an interview with Barbara Walters.)

Valerie Jarrett does not know the meaning of the word “frumpy.” I also have a feeling she may sleep in stillettos.

Bobby Jindal’s wife, Supriya, and Ed Rendell’s wife, Marjorie, wore almost the exact same red, sexy, off-the-shoulder-dress. I believe Mrs. Jindal won that battle of the Reagan Reds hands down. She looked down right foxy in a political “Shilpa Shetty” sort of way. (Keep her away from Richard Gere, Jindal!). Majorie, you tried, but, alas, you’re no Jill Biden. Jill Biden would have killed in that.

Gov. David Paterson and his wife looked awesome, especially the wife, even if she does have this perpetually surprised/amused look on her face.

The Governator and Maria looked great even though I can’t look at Maria without thinking, “You’d be prettier if you’d just gain the fifteen pounds. Please. Eat some red beans and rice, stat.”

Your thoughts? And please, feel free to go crazy over Michelle’s dress if you feel so inclined. It’s OK. I thought it was a homerun. I will not be convinced otherwise. She looked flawless. Hair, makeup, jewelry and all. A killer, she was. She killed me with fashion. (And Valerie Jarrett totally did a fashion drive-by on me, but I expect no less from her at this point. There is no dressing “down” for that woman.)

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Michelle Visits Dept. of Transportation (Slideshow)

It dawned on me Friday that Michelle has some sort of husband who is, like, president of something. (A country maybe? I hear he’s pretty popular in Canada.) And he’s, like, doing really important stuff and maybe I’ll do a photo essay on that … when Michelle stops showing up in random places smiling and talking.

She’s my crack rock.

After a long, mind-numbing day at a job I hate (but need to live), my favorite things to do are watch movies, flip through “The Wall of Sexy,” read your comments and search for pictures of Michelle Obama being Michelle Obama.

It makes me happy.

That said, Friday, First Lady Michelle Obama continued the “getting to know you” governmental tour. I realize there’s some controversy over the notion of First Lady’s getting paid to be do the First Lady thing, but ever since the job went from ceremonial teas and smiling profusely, to actually giving speeches, pushing policy and being a goodwill ambassador/unofficial adviser/unofficial cabinet member/hostess-with-mostest, this really looks a lot more like a full time job than having bunch chat with the spouses of foreign dignitaries.

Of course, being First Lady has sounded more like a job for decades now, but the view still remains a bit stagnant and even archaic in some ways. The woman has been nonstop since her husband started running for president two years ago, whether as the family breadwinner, helpmate or campaigner.

I’m just saying … First Lady sounds like work, you know? Unless she decided to retire to tea parties which I don’t think you can realistically do in the modern era of the political spouse.

That said, I love it when she wears her hair pulled back and natural looking makeup. Really accentuates her high cheekbones. And I love the dark, houndstooth jacket, similar to a suit I saw her wear often on the trail. I also love the brooch. Is that a cluster of pearls? Very nice.

In somewhat other Michelle fashion related news, I’m two-seconds from closing comments to my near ancient “Michelle Obama Dresses Better Than You” threads due to the overwhelming number of trolls. I mean, it’s gotten ridiculous. I don’t mind people who disagree with the First Lady’s fashion sense, but for the folks who act like she assassinated her husband’s presidency via fashion faux pas are working my last nerve. (That and the folks who just feel like typing the “N-word” over and over like they’re 13 and just discovered its magical, Negro angering properties).

Should I shut it down? So far the only thread I ever cut comments to on the old blog was the one on Obama quitting smoking (again) because I was tired of deleting the damn Chantix spam. Is it time to close the thread? Read the comments on both original Michelle Obama fashion stories and let me know.

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Michelle Invites Kiddies to the White House (Slideshow)

I was having a conversation with my friend Negro Intellectual over how for so many children the Obamas will be their first real image of a president and First Lady. Just as I have some dusty memories of Reagan, Iran Contra and the fall of the Berlin Wall, countless children will have the Obamas as their first taste of our political process on its highest level. I can only dream and hope what that could do for the self-esteem of countless children who can finally shake off some of the pessimism of their parents, grandparents and anti-intellectual peers and look towards a slightly brighter future — if only in the aspirational sense.

Other than the ghosts of black history past and Thurgood Marshall, all my heroes were remarkably older than me or dead. (And every month was black history month at The Snob house.) I was always frustrated how my peers seemed to only know and love athletes and entertainers and I was some sort of freak because I’d been raised to admire the artists of the Harlem Renaissance. (All who advocated a rigorous education and unbridled creativity with a healthy dose of pragmatism with a touch of hope.) Nothing like trying to argue that by being a nerd I was truly “blacker than black” to sixth graders who believed Bobby Brown’s Gumby fade proved otherwise.

If Barack and Michelle do nothing but give nerdy black kids the respect (and the much needed break) they deserve, I will die a happy nerd.

Teach on, First Lady. Teach on.

Sidenote: This goes without saying really, but … she looks pretty awesome. Love the mint sweater top with the woven knit skirt and heels. Even the blue belt. Very nice.