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Hot Topics: Israelis Free Cynthia McKinney and Serena Rocks Five Inch Heels to See the Prez

Hot Topics will burn you.

It was a special occasion. The kind when three inch heels WOULD NOT DO. Even if it was an occupational hazard, tennis champ Serena Williams was willing to risk breaking her neck for the sake of fashion … and looking nice for the president. Please let pictures surface of these wondrous shoes. Please, God.

The Israelis finally let Fmr. Rep. Cynthia McKinney go after she was on a humanitarian mission in Gaza.

The hottest topic for two weeks now has been Bill O’Reilly’s shock that black folks care about Michael Jackson, calling his two children “white.” I didn’t know biracial kids were white … unless he’s implying dem ain’t MJ’s kids? Discuss!

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Hot Topics: Guess Who Wants to Say the N-Word and O’Reilly Is Confused About MJ and Black People

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Perez Hilton went with a gay slur but would have rather called a nigger. How enlightened of him to offend his own kind instead incur the wrath of Negroes. Wait? Did he just tell the Advocate what he was thinking? Never mind. Bring the wrath.

Bill O’Reilly doesn’t get this whole black folks and Michael Jackson thing. Why do you like him so much? His face is white and his kids aren’t black. Papa Bear is confused! Won’t you help him understand? Or won’t you just ignore him like you always do.

What kind of card is race, asks one reader. It’s a break down of the meaning behind the so-called “race card. Get in on the debate!

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Hot Topics: More Black Women Adopting and “It Came From Wasilla”

Hot Topics doesn’t need any water. Let the MFer burn.

The single motherhood adoption option for black women. Based on a CNN report, a reader wonders what could be pushing this trend — you know? Besides the stereotypical reasons CNN offers that none of us can get a man (MARRIAGE CRISIS!) so why not adopt your way into motherhood?

Michelle and the girls are going overseas again! This time to Italy, Russia and Ghana. Michelle’s gonna meet the Pope, ya’ll, while traveling with the president.

And “It Came From Wasilla!” It’s an excerpt from Vanity Fair’s lengthy tale of how one woman impacted John “Maverick” McCain’s presidential dreams — and not in a good way. Is the story a hit job or just speaking the truth? I’m going with sad, insane truth (and some hot knife-in-the-back stabbing action from the folks in her Burn Book).

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Hot Topics: No Home Church For the Obamas Yet and A Sex Tape No One Wants To See

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The Obamas still haven’t settled on a home church. Lately they’ve attended church at Camp David, but so far no Washington, D.C. church has one the presidential church member lotto.

Fmr. Sen. John Edwards has a little possible sex tape problem. I wonder if someone ever told him that EVERYONE doesn’t need a sex tape.

Is it appropriate to take the First Daughters to a Beyonce concert? That’s what some commenters were asking after I posted a link to a story about Sasha and Malia checking out Bey with their mother. Some saw it as no big deal, others felt Beyonce’s lack of pants disqualified her as appropriate for a pair of elementary school kids. What do you think?

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Hot Topics: Politicos Lacking Game and the Case Against President Perfect

Hot Topics is both the cornflakes and the milk!

Politico is wondering if Obama’s image as “Mr. Perfect” is a bad thing. After all, it didn’t work for my fair Mitt “Mittens” Romney. Of course, he’s an insincere bastard, but that’s why I love him so!

First Daughters get to “put a ring on it.” Figuratively, of course. They went to a Beyonce concert with mom.

The sexcapades of Gov. Sanford has one reader asking politicos, “Got game?” As in, she thinks they don’t have any. And she’s probably right.

Moamar HEARTS Condi. The Libyan leader hearts her soooo much he doused her in finery and gave her a locket to remember him by. One EGOTASTICAL locket.

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Hot Topics: Ain’t No First Lady Like the One We Got and Shep Smith Gets Hate Mail For Speaking Out Against Hate

Hot Topics are sizzlin’ and taste best served en fuego.

Robin Givhan says people weren’t ready to smell what Barack’s wife’s been cooking. In a column all about the audacity of Michelle Obama, Givhan argues that nothing in popular culture had prepared America for a black First Lady.

They hate him because he speaks the truth. FOX News’ most interesting TV anchor Shepard Smith is getting hate mail because he called out the wackadoos who write in hate mail about the President to FOX News. But he sez he won’t be moved and belongs at FOX, even if his frank, center-right commentary pisses of the hoi polloi.

It’s black on black academic violence — but not really. A group is claiming immigrant blacks are “over-represented” on elite college campuses, but last time I checked EVERY minority group is scarse as hell on those bastions of the white rich male heirarchy. Is this just another “FIGHT! FIGHT!” topic meant to pit so-called “native” blacks against the rest of the diaspora? Methinks YES!

Someone busted out the “Flat Iron of God” for a recent playground building activity in San Francisco. That hair. I just want to touch that bob to feel what that flat iron can do!

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Hot Topics: Angry Sitcom Moms and Criticizing the Prez

Hot Topics! So blinding my eyes! They burn!!!

When does the presidential honeymoon end and the debate begin? One reader wants to know just how much time has to pass before it’s open season to hash over the work of the Obama Administration. Six months? A year? How long is long enough?

Aunt Viv is all kinds of pissed at Big Willie from Philly. And after all these years too! Seems Janet Hubert of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air fame has decided to publish a book about her experiences on the show. But it’s mostly a chance to rehash how she felt Will Smith derailed her career.

Barack Obama is a MURDERER! (Of flies.) Check out the link to some hot, presidential, bug-killin’ action. You know? Unless you haven’t already seen it the one-billion times they showed it on TV.

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