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#ThatsSoRaven Say What?

Sitting in for my friend Yesha Callahan at The Root’s Grapevine blog, I wrote this post all about Raven-SymonĂ©’s latest ridiculous statement, this time about why she doesn’t want Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill. I know why I think Tubman shouldn’t be on there (“Master’s tools can’t dismantle master’s house … blah, blah, blah“), but let’s just say Raven’s reasons didn’t exactly come from the most “informed” place. But hey, this is why they pay her the big dollars! Continue reading

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Hot Topics: Gender-Bending Runner Gets Makeover and No New Negroes for SNL

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Fine. She put on a dress. Did that solve it? In the case of runner Caster Semenya the answer is probably no.

Another season of Saturday Night Live and no new black folks for the show. Just more perky white women. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but considering there’s this black president, black first lady and other, random ass black people, running around in the Obama Administration, we’re just going to assume Lorne Michaels hates me.

TJ Holmes, TJ Holmes and more TJ Holmes. Try to pace yourself accordingly.

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Hot Topics: It’s Cheney Versus Bush and Obamas Go With MV Farm Livin’ This Summer

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Dick Cheney took a deep swallow of the haterade and has begun the “Bush went soft on me” pity party. Boo-effing hoo, Dick. Boo-effing hoo.

The Obamas have selected a Martha’s Vineyard area farm for their summer vay-cay spot. Let the march of the ridiculously long telephoto lenses commence.

GEICO pulls their ads from Glenn Beck’s show. And Color of Change puts another notch in their belt.

The hottest topic is still the debate over black female empowerment blogs. At 54 comments strong and growing, who knew?

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Hot Topics: Black Female Empowerment Blogs and Oprah Kicks It With Jay-Z

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Oprah was seen out in Bed Stuy with Jay-Z recently. Does this mean there’s been an armistice in Oprah’s war against rappers? It seems like just yesterday she’d rather be caught dead than “red or green pill ya live you learn, c’mon!”

One reader wants to know what’s the deal with black female empowerment blogs. Namely the ones that advocate dating white men. Got an opinion? Regular Snob reader Politically Incorrect would love to hear it.

Just when you thought it was safe to let your kids watch the Teen Choice Awards. Miley Cyrus, half-assed pole dancing on an ice cream truck. Seriously, honey. If you’re going to sport the heels, the hot pants and the pole you should at least go the full Britney and destroy America completely.

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Hot Topics: Some things Are Too Ignorant for the Main Page and Exercise Is Bad For You … Allegedly

Hot Topics — all sizzle, now with steak.

Behold … the ignorance of Lightskin VS Darkskin. Too ignorant for the main page, yet too inflammatory to not be discussed. Questions like “Why? How? What for? What?” And statements like, “No. Don’t. Stop. Please. My head hurts.” Come to mind. Click on the link. Click on the video and turn off your mind (less you get da brain damage).

Could exercise be bad for you? I want to say NO and to say “stop messing with me, skinny people!” Because this writer is arguing that everything we know about exercise and weight loss is probably wrong, hence giving me ever more excuses to sit around on my fat ass all day typing and not doing.

Top “Gangsta Grannies.” Laugh. I think it’s supposed to be funny. Not as funny as Lightskin VS Darksin, but … really? What is these days?

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Hot Topics: MJ’s Hair to Be Made Into Diamonds and Rock Star Leggings For Babies

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Is your toddler fierce? Should a toddler even be fierce? (The answer is no. Always no.) America Apparel doesn’t care though. They’ve made sparkling gold leggings for babies. Yes. Babies. Now your toddler can wear the same rock star, tights-as-pants phenomenon popular with Beyonce and Lady GaGa. Ew and that is 14 kinds of wrong.

Wanna see the history of black music summed up in one graphic? Here you go.

Michael Jackson’s hair to be turned into diamonds … and I’m all kinds of creeped out.

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Hot Topics: The Girls Are Cute, but Sasha and Malia, They Ain’t and Jon Stewart! Most Trusted Man In News!

It’s a $1 million, diamond-encrusted handbag!Hot Topics feels like a million bucks!

Obama. Sotomayor. Jarrett. What do they have in common? They’re all minority Ivy Leaguers of the “new” elite. Welcome to the minority meritocracy, folks! Brought to you by The New York Times.

These adorable girls won a Sasha and Malia look-a-like contest. Good for them you didn’t actually have to look like the First Daughters to win.

The apocalypse is neigh! Jon Stewart is the most trustworthy newsman in the Post-Cronkite era. Really? Did the people voting know that Jon isn’t an actual newsman, but plays one on TV?

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