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A few Snob readers wondered what was up with White House Social Secretary Desiree Rogers when she was featured in one photo sitting next to Vogue’s Anna Wintour with her long, bare legs in a slightly above the knee skirt, then later, next to Donna Karan in a pair of gray slacks.

Naturally, someone (in this case the NBC 5 Street Team) was on the case!

Now rumor has it that the always elegant Desiree’s toned bare legs caused quite a little stir at the Caroline Herrera show when some people thought Ms. Rogers’ fabulous attire was a little too revealing (slight above the knee skirt) for her high profile status.

But being the constant professional and aware of the public eye, Ms. Rogers was spotted later that same day at Donna Karan’s Collection Show wearing the same jacket and knit top matched with a pair of conservative black slacks stating “It’s really chilly here.” Very chic!

Question answered. Either she was correcting a faux pas or was cold. I can sleep better at night now knowing.

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White House Social Secy. Desiree Rogers and Vogue Editor In Chief Anna Wintour (Photo Getty Images)For one, if your boss can’t make it to fashion week in New York it’s YOU who gets to sit “in the tents” with Vogue’s Anna “Nuclear” Wintour. And, for two, Desiree Rogers looked right at home, getting her snob on, checking out the sights and clothes.

She’s a natural, folks. Born to snob.

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I get it.

Next to Angelina Freakin’ Jolie, she’s one of the most photographed women in the world and she’s practically rubbing your nose in it by re-wearing her green Jimmy Choos and her favorite belt, rocking the J. Crew and random new kid designers and doesn’t have a stylist — just a loyal boutique owner — as her gate keeper. How dare she be … different, and not fawn all over the uptown crowd in the fashion industry.

Boo hoo, fashion industry. Boo hoo, for you.

Apparently the inevitable backlash of the (moneyed) fashionistas has begun. Nothing with names tied to it, of course (less they ruin their chances of getting the First Lady to don their frocks), but people are grumbling. Folks who used to be able to saunter right into the front door, bypassing everyone else, now must go through the same, slow pecking order whether you’re Kai Milla or Oscar de la Renta. Michelle O. doesn’t care. There is no fast track to lay hands on her body and dress her in finery.

You have to wait like everybody else and it has the IMPORTANT PEOPLE burning.

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Eva “The Diva” Marcelle

I’ve gotten away from more of my fluffy celeb reporting. Thank goodness there are a million and one other blogs to take up the slack and invest in a WireImage account. Today’s random gossip blog I’m pointing you to is Red Carpet Colors, where they keep an eye on blacks who strut their stuff on the crimson way.

They chronicled the hits (and misses), here’s a few teasers after the jump.

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Ikram Goldman, the mystery woman behind Michelle’s fashion (Photo by Anna Knott, courtsy the New York Times)

The New York Times published a story Wednesday on Ikram Goldman, the woman and boutique owner behind some of the First Lady’s style choices.

The low-profile Goldman, who has not granted interviews, has acted as the go-between for fashion designers and Michelle Obama. She most recently handled the various designs, gowns, coats and suits submitted for Michelle’s Inauguration Day wear.

All details regarding the making of Mrs. Obama’s wardrobe for the inaugural were overseen by Ms. Goldman, who kept designers in the dark about whether their outfit would be chosen.

According to the designers involved, none of them had direct contact with the first lady — as designers have had in the past with first ladies. They worked from measurements and other information provided by Ms. Goldman and delivered the finished garments to Chicago or Washington.

“It was all very blind,” said Maria Cornejo, who made eight jewel-tone suits, two winter coats and three dresses for Mrs. Obama. (She wore a purple jacket on the inaugural weekend train ride.) Ms. Cornejo said she had a rough idea of what would fit the new first lady based on things Mrs. Obama had already worn from the designer’s line.

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