Doing Anything This Valentines in Washington, D.C.? Kick It With Kristi!

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My friend Kristi Love is having a V-Day brunch party for both couples AND singles. Come there with your man or come there to find a man, it’s up to you! One of the District’s finest DJs, DJ Adrian Loving, will be spinning. (Kristi Love. Adrian Loving. Valentines Day! It’s like they did this on purpose. LOVE IS IN THE AIR!) Click this RSVP link to reserve your tickets. See you there!


NBCBLK: The Oscars Nominees Sure Look Pale This Year

Wrote a piece for new African American web portal NBC BLK on how the Oscars are super not diverse this year. Heck, no women were even nominated for their writing or directing. It was a sausage-fest devoid of melanin.  Continue reading


love in hip hop

“It’s fascinatingly ridiculous. It kinda feels like how y’know when you were like five-years-old and you were playing pretend and started making up things you thought an adult would say. But you’re five and have no clue how that works. That’s why it’s so fascinating because they don’t actually have that excuse for not knowing being that they are adults.” — my friend and illustrator, Jada Prather, on “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s” acting

A Comment on “As the Hood Turns …”


5 Reasons Why Solange Tried to Beat Up Her Sister’s Husband, Jay Z

Or … “Don’t Fight Your Brother-in-law”

There are, um, a few reasons why singer/songwriter Solange Knowles decided to go H.A.M. on her brother-in-law, Jay Z, while her infinitely more famous sister, Beyonce Knowles, just kind of stood there fixing her dress.

1. He looked at her funny.*

2. She was drunk and took something the wrong way. (Mean drunks are the worst.)

3. Jay Z insulted her or her sister.

4. The Illuminati **

5. She has never, ever liked her sister’s husband. Continue reading


MOVIE REVIEW: A “Belle” In Great Britain


Amma Asante discusses why she created a film about the real-life “Belle” with Michelle Bernard of the Bernard Center. It was Bernard and her sister, Nicole, who hosted a viewing of “Belle” in Washington, D.C. on Saturday.

belleGrowing up, like a lot of little girls, I enjoyed “Fairy Tales.” But not the weird “Princess culture” fairy tales of today, but the dark, weird Grimm Fairy tales that, when you really thought about it, were quite disturbing. Hence, when I saw “The Little Mermaid” as a kid, I’d already read the source material and was relieved when it didn’t end in suicide.

(Even if it had sort of lost that whole, “Don’t give up your life and talent for some dude you just met” lesson by making it all worth it for the titular Mermaid in the end.)

Amma Assante’s “Belle,” is a bit like a modern fairy tale. The main character isn’t a princess, but there is a certain “Cinderella” element to the story, where a young, “mulatto” motherless street urchin is picked up and whisked away to a life of excess when she learns her father is a kind aristocrat.  Continue reading