Trump Is Going to Burn the GOP Down

Trump Is Going to Burn the GOP Down

In my latest for The Root I write about the ascension of Donald Trump and how, on this ides of March, it heralds a realigning of the Republican Party, or, perhaps, even the destruction of the party as we know it. Either way, if Trump doesn’t get to remake the GOP in his image he will happily burn the whole thing down to the cheers of his supporters who want nothing more than to break the GOP.

It’s the ides of March, but Donald Trump, cast as a bloviating, bellicose Julius Caesar in this political play, isn’t facing his doom.

Instead, to borrow from another bit of Caesar’s life, he’s crossing the Rubicon to victory, preparing to send his rivals scattering to the hinterlands of our republic to desperately plot a downfall that’s unlikely to happen, because Trump-mentum has reached the point of no return.

Trump is and will be the presumptive Republican nominee for president, and there is nothing—nothing—the GOP brass, his competitors or his detractors can do about it. The only thing standing in this Trumpius Caesar’s way is a potential win for Gov. John Kasich in Ohio and a not-as-likely victory for Sen. Marco Rubio in Florida.

And even if both of those states did fall out of his favor and into the hands of his competitors, could Trump really be stopped? If he wins the most delegates—which he is still very likely to do—could the GOP actually deny him the nomination based on a series of technicalities and risk upsetting and alienating his supporters, many of whom are enthusiastic first-time voters and the stalwarts of the conservative Republican base? Highly unlikely.

Yet these are the options—bad and worse—that the GOP has for stopping Trump from seizing all and declaring victory over the Republican establishment.

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