All Day Beyonce

All Day Beyonce

So, did you notice that Beyonce put out a new video and performed at the Super Bowl? DID YOU NOTICE!!?? I noticed because I did two radio hits and CNN International to talk about it. The radio hits when pretty close to perfect as interviews for me can go. CNN International was a nightmare of word salad because I couldn’t hear the anchor’s questions. But hey, my makeup looked nice!

Check out me on KPCC’s The Frame here.

Check out me on WBUR’s Here and Now here.

Check me out on CNN Internationalha ha ha ha ha, I’m not putting that up.

Instead settle for a photo of my makeup in studio before everything fell apart.

IMAG2344 The makeup and hair turned out pretty good, I think. Shout-out to the women of CNN’s Washington Bureau!


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