This Is Dumb. Period.

This Is Dumb. Period.

For The Root Friday I wrote about this whole trumped up race controversy Daily Kos writer Shaun King unwillingly found himself at the center of. It’s all a hot mess of conservative trolling, seeking to police the race of biracial people. It was pretty sickening. 

It’s hard to write about something you know is stupid.

You try to come up with words. Something fancy or deep. Profundity, be mine! But the only thing you want to say is, “This is dumb, so dumb.”

Right now, on the Internet, some conservatives are trying to digitally relitigate Plessy v. Fergusonbecause it fits their anti-black-liberation, anti-Black Lives Matter agenda. It’s an agenda that is about disrupting and discrediting black people by attacking those who are both lighter than a paper bagand writing about anti-black racism.

First they came for Wesley Lowery of the Washington Post, a reporter who diligently covered Ferguson, Mo., and got arrested for it. I wrote nothing about it because I thought, “This is so stupid. I can’t give any legitimacy to this stupidity.” But now they’ve come for Shaun King at Daily Kos, saying that he’s a lying liar who lies about his race and other things—pulling along a little defamatory apple cart of woe, upsetting it all over the Twittersphere.

King wrote a post on Daily Kos in his defense explaining for the cruel and emotionally slow that his family history is complicated—the kind where the father on your birth certificate is not your real father; that he grew up identifying as black because he is a biracial black man. It was the kind of post that made you angry because, seriously, his family business is his family’s business. Besides, we wouldn’t even be discussing this if it weren’t for the folks at Brietbart and the Daily Caller reporting the story, leading media types like CNN anchor Don Lemon to entertain this circus, despite the fact that for months, conservative outlets have been targeting anyone who gains attention from writing, tweeting or talking about police violence against unarmed black people.

Read the full story at The Root.

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