Johnny Wright Talks Whether or Not @FLOTUS Will Rock An Afro

Johnny Wright Talks Whether or Not @FLOTUS Will Rock An Afro

For The Root Thursday I have both a story and video about celebrity stylist Johnny Wright, hairstylist to First Lady Michelle Obama. In the interview he talks about how he came to be her stylist and about what’s up next for his career. We also do a fun video together, going through Mrs. O’s best hair looks. 

Here’s a bit from the article:

Michelle Obama with an Afro? Michelle Obama with an Afro!

It could happen!

And celebrity stylist Johnny Wright—the stylist to the first lady—is the man who would make that happen if it did. Wright, who says Michelle Obama has been completely natural for years now (he straightens her hair with a flat iron), says it is a possibility that maybe the world’s most famous bob could go naturally curly.

Anything could happen, really.

“I don’t know. Maybe on vacation she will,” says Wright, raising the hopes of natural-hair fans everywhere. “She is 100 percent natural now. It is a possibility.”

Read the full story at The Root.

2 thoughts on “Johnny Wright Talks Whether or Not @FLOTUS Will Rock An Afro

  1. It breaks my heart to write this but, I really do think FLOTUS needs a female hairstylist. Johnny Wright gets it right every so often, but he mostly does a terrible, terrible job on FLOTUS. Even if there’s a decision to use hairpieces, why not give her a natural part? Why the use of parts on the hair piece which isn’t properly blended to her natural hairline, thus making it look so unnatural and awkward.

    FLOTUS is highly photographed, and in these days of HD, how can any seasoned hair stylist not know how to style a hair piece so that it blends seamlessly with her natural hairline. What we see is the hair piece with the different color scalp and fake part, plopped up high unnaturally on FLOTUS’ head. Not even rookie hair stylists make such mistakes – or do such a shoddy job.

    I cringe every time I see a shot of her hairline with the unnatural part in that weird angle, sitting so high up. It easily betrays the fact that she’s wearing a wig – and worse still, a very poorly blended one. There’s no effort put in to blend and soften her natural hairline to the hairpiece so that it all flows like it’s growing out from her scalp naturally – and sits in a natural pattern.

    Just color me totally unimpressed with Johnny Wright. FLOTUS deserves better.

  2. Thank God someone finally said it! Michelle Obama does indeed deserve so much better than her 3rd rate “glam” team. I too want to cry sometimes about what they do to that woman, it’s a crying shame. She could have her pick of stylists and she sticks with these people for hair, make-up and wardrobe. Why oh why? For how much her hair guy is touted, his work on Michelle has been seriously wanting. I too think a female hairstylist would probably be better. Bring a more intuitive and softer touch. And don’t get me started on the eyebrows. Her make-up person is also a guy and it shows. A good female make-up artist – and they are a dime a dozen – could easily do a much better job. She needs a solid female glam team to bring a soft touch instead of the harsh hack job her current team does on her. She’s a pretty and sexy woman, but these “stylists” have done a number on her. She’s a lovely, vibrant woman, and they end up doing an awful job on her. So bad, the memes about her looks make me hurt for her. And don’t even get me started on her wardrobe person. I went searching, and when I saw the lady who’s the stylist, I was like WTF?! The stylist’s taste leaves a whole lot to be desired. Do they even consider as they should, what these looks will look like on video and in photographs? Do her stylists even do the necessary homework to ensure that

    It honestly feels like there’s a conspiracy to undermine Michelle Obama. Or how else does one explain all this? While every effort is made to showcase her husband in the best light – including tight restrictions that ensure that only the best photographs of him are released and cloying videos of him too, she on the other hand is left to the wolves who take and release the most unflattering pics of her when there are much better shots that can be used instead. The White House photographers and videographers are more focused on showcasing the president in the best light, and in most cases, at his wife’s expense. They never try to do the same for her. And the white woman currently assigned to photograph her by the White House, is very suspect as far as I’m concerned.

    It’s really sad that our first black First Lady has not been better looked out for. Not by her husband, not by his White House and sadly, not even by her own glam team who have everything to gain if their client always looks great and is well presented. A real shame.

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