Everybody Wants to Rule the World

Everybody Wants to Rule the World

Ben Carson (and Carly Fiorina) did it Monday. Mike Huckabee did it today. The field is getting crowded, but how much of this GOP field is true? At least half these folks running are doing it to boost their speaker fees and sell books no one wants to read.

This Republican primary wants to be 2008’s car crash Republican primary so bad, but unless that car crash is going to be matched by an equally thrilling Democratic Party primary slugfest like 2008 with the Clinton’s not inevitable “inevitability,” Obama’s Iowa Surprise and subsequent superstardom, and John Edwards’ spectacular sex scandal flameout, this election will not be 2008. It’ll just be 2012, only the Democrats technically do not have an incumbent, but Hillary Clinton, who despite not being in office, pretty much counts as one considering her professional history from First Lady to Senator to Secretary of State.

God, think of how much money Jeb will have to waste running to the right while simultaneously trying to run away from the Rand Paul/Marc Rubio/Ted Cruz clown car speeding through town?

This is a lot of rabble for GOP voters to just pick Jeb and watch their dreams die.

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