The Root: An Interview with Benilde Little, “Welcome to My Breakdown”

Last week I spoke with author Benilde Little about her new memoir “Welcome to My Breakdown” where she discusses her battle with depression. Since I’ve had my own issues with mental illness, I found Little’s story very compelling.

Here’s a snippet:

So Breakdown came to be about everything Little was feeling: the personal and professional; mental illness and motherhood; being lost and found and lost again; learning to control the darkness inside and fighting to see the light again.

“There’s not a whole lot about our struggle with grief [as black women]. … We don’t have this,” Little said, adding that she hopes her story will lead to more women “owning” their “stuff,” no longer being afraid to speak about their flaws and fears.

“The whole idea of perfection is a prison,” Little said. “Then you add black on top of it, being a black woman. The standard is harder for us. Can a sister get a break? And we need to give each other a break, and the way to really do that is to be vulnerable.”

Read the full post at The Root.


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