The Root: My Black History

For The Root this February I penned a post on what I felt were the biggest “black history moments” for me in my 37 years of living. Since I knew other folks already picked “Tupac Gets Shot” and I didn’t want to steal their journalistic thunder, I had to go with something else. Lucky for me, a lot of black history — good and bad — happened when I was growing up, from the L.A. riots to Mae Jemison becoming the first black woman in space in 1992. After a lot of idea juggling (Write about Lani Guinier? The Shiny Suit Era? The 90s were a formative time for me!) I decided to go with the ones that impacted the cultural sphere of my little world the most: Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” the debut of “A Different World,” the O. J. Simpson trial and the Million Man March.

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