Who’s Been Writing So Much They Haven’t Updated Their Page?

This Snob has! I was busy cranking out stories for new site NBCBLK, The Root and ATTN, I even took over The Grapevine blog at The Root for my ace, Yesha Callahan for a few days. I wrote about the tragedy of Bobbi Kristina Brown and about that “Olivia Nope” who graced the pages of InStyle. Here’s a recap of what I’ve been working on for the past week-and-a-half.

The Grammys Were Boring As Hell; Beyonce Was Robbed: I tired to hide my hatred of Sam Smith in this piece. But I honestly booed every time he won. (NBCBLK)

Can You Afford to Get Rich? Short answer? Probably not. (ATTN)

Popular Lies the Media Told to Make You Think Kids Deserve to Got to Prison: Want to know how the school-to-prison pipeline keeps getting fed? Lets start with this super-predators garbage and work our way down. (ATTN)

Bobbi Kristina, A Timeline of Turmoil and Tragedy: Since being placed in a medically induced coma after an apparently drowning, there has been no good news about the health of poor Bobbi Kristina Brown, the only child of legendary singer Whitney Houston. For The Root, I wrote a timeline of her turbulent young life.

Olivia Nope, Kerry Washington Unrecognizable on InStyle Cover: Check out the magazine cover that launched a million “Harpo, who dis woman?” and “I got a light-skinned friend look like Kerry Washington; I got a dark-skinned friend look like Kerry Washington” jokes on Twitter. (The Root)

Diddy Doesn’t Want His Son on ‘Empire:’ But did FOX’s hit drama even want him? I don’t think so, but at least Puff Puffy Daddy Diddy was successful in getting some buzz for his adopted son Quincy’s new track “Friends First.” (The Root)

Ugh, Columbus Short: Die in a fire, dude. (The Root)

Lupita On Fleek, Doesn’t Get the Oliva Nope Treatment in Mag Cover: Hooray for everyone’s favorite fashionista/Oscar-winning actress/Someone-Better-Cast-Her-As-Storm-or-I-Burn-Everything-Down-Columbus-Short-Gets-Burned-Down-First. (The Root)

Issa Rae Gets HBO Pilot Deal: Now give my fellow “Don’t Sleep Hosted By T.J. Holmes” survivor a show. (The Root)

Lame Republicans Fight Dead War Against Communism: Flipping out over the incredible Angela Davis in 2015? Boo. Hiss. (The Root)

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    The Black snob…has most of today’s exciting bits covered…especially since I didn’t even bother to watch the Grammy’ s last night (Not another boring awards show where I have to pretend that my favorite artists should take a seat to another artist who got more airplay…Anyway, 30 more African migrants died from Hypothermia off the Italian coast Sunday, so other than that…Black snob, Urban cusp and Global Grind is where it’s at

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