ATTN: Initial Thoughts on the Incompetence in Ferguson

Wrote a piece this morning for ATTN about how government officials mismanaged the Grand Jury announcement in Ferguson. Check it out …

The cynic in me is struggling in wake of the grand jury’s decision not to indict Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Michael Brown.

I’m not struggling with the decision – anyone watching the case should have had a strong suspicion there would be no indictment. If the prosecutor’s unusual behavior in dumping all the information on the grand jury instead of guiding them through the prosecution’s version of the event didn’t convince you, the many, many leaks out of the grand jury did.

I’m not struggling with the looting and the unrest that unraveled late in the evening after the announcement. While I had hoped for the best, the anger and frustration of the community is real. Anything but an indictment would be taken as a failure in the system, a continuation of the belief that prosecutors protect police, even when police are the perps.

What I’m struggling with is the response of the State of Missouri in preparation for potential unrest. What I’m struggling with is why wait until 8 p.m.?

Read the full story at ATTN.

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