ATTN: Your Employer Probably Doesn’t Care If Weed Is Legal

For ATTN I wrote a piece how society hasn’t caught up yet to the waves of legalization that have hit some states. Employers are still screening for marijuana in random drug tests, college campuses still don’t want their students smoking it.

On Nov. 4 the city of Washington, D.C. voted to legalize marijuana. It didn’t legalize it for sale, but for possession of up to two ounces and owning up to six plants for personal cultivation.

On Nov. 5 I left the house to take a trip to the hairdresser. In front of the salon two gentlemen were busy rolling a joint. I could smell it long before I got near them and immediately told the salon owner as soon as I got inside. When she confronted them they responded, “It’s legal!” and “I’m not selling it!”

But technically it was still illegal and my hairdresser was still annoyed. Sure, D.C. voters may have had their voice heard, she (and even myself) found it unseemly that someone would smoke on the street in broad daylight. A lit cigarette? Sure. But smoking marijuana openly in public? It was tough for us to wrap our head around.

And that’s marijuana’s newest challenge. It may be legal by law, but it’s not normalized.

Read the full story at ATTN.

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