NewsOne: Artie Lange’s “Massa” Fantasy Is Gross

Wrote a piece for NewsOne today about comic Artie Lange’s unfunny sexist and racist Twitter jokes about ESPN broadcaster Cari Champion. Mostly about how he’s gross (so gross), but the idea of slavery sex fantasies is even grosser.

There used to be a world where most men, particularly White men, could say just about anything and not worry about any consequences, because by virtue of their Whiteness and maleness, they were protected. They could be as disrespectful, gauche, gross, and nasty as they desired as there were no real repercussions, no need to care what others thoughts because “others” – women, Black people – were not people, meaning Black women were a sort of “double” not-a-person.

One could argue that there are still few repercussions for men like Lange who’ve made an entire lucrative career off of being as crass and offensive as possible, able to laugh off critics as having his mom’s prudish sense of humor. After all, if you were the butt of someone else’s joke, you were supposed to laugh because he said it was funny and other White men said it was funny.

Black women can’t be trusted as arbiters of humor due to their lack of humanity, so says Massa.

Read the full post at NewsOne.

One thought on “NewsOne: Artie Lange’s “Massa” Fantasy Is Gross

  1. “Artie is a fartie!” Just another racist bigot gas thats’ passes in the passions of weak men’s time! Yes people, it still happens, as the wheels of conservative politics rollback the voting rights of minorities in the US of A and attempt to resurrect Jesse Helms, Ronald Reagan and Strom Thurman. Heads up Artie, Karma is a real bitch!

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