The Root: The Worst States for Black People

If you want to carry a baby to full term, not get arrested CONSTANTLY and for your children to have a future, these are the states to avoid. (I wrote about it for The Root.) Most of them are in the Midwest and as a Midwesterner I can tell you — the Midwest can kind of blow for black people. Even more so than the South, which at least seems to understand that black people are supposed to live there. The Midwest is always treating you like a stranger even if you’ve been in Michigan for four generations.

Because “racism.”

Progress, the story of black America.

We started from the most bottom of bottoms (not having personhood) and worked our way up to the age of Obama, where we are leaps and bounds better than we were (hey, we have personhood now!) but are still struggling to make it to the middle, let alone to the top, of society’s heap. A lot of things are working against us, and a lot of it boils down to where we live.

Let’s face it. Some places are worse to be black in than others, and I’m not just talking historically racial quagmires like Mississippi. Racism and a weakened social safety net know no region. Wisconsin, Ohio and others have their bad points, which go beyond their lack of NBA championships.

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One thought on “The Root: The Worst States for Black People

  1. As a southerner currently trying to escape Minnesota, I can only say you’ve hit the the nail right on the head. Racism 2.0 has been officially uploaded and many people up here are definitely drinking the Kool-Aid. I’ve never seen so many people in complete denial about how badly American Blacks are treated in the North. Even my close friends from Europe notice this. Just because you don’t sound like a redneck doesn’t mean you can’t act like one. As far as I can tell, folks up here practice a sort of “Coke and a Smile” form of racism. Blacks in the South would be foolish, foolish, foolish, to sell their older homes/properties or move to the northern US…unless they’re already surgeons and can afford that 2nd home in Miami. (Read Judge Lucy Wieland’s take on Minnesota’s racial disparities in the Star Tribune 2011 article).

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