ATTN: The Midterms, A Study In Contradictions

In my first ever post for news site ATTN I look back at the Republicans managing to win big Tuesday night despite the fact their agenda doesn’t always jibe with how most Americans feel.

Americans don’t love either political party but they sure liked electing Republicans last night.

Despite having a party-wide unfavorability rating of 53 percent, the GOP won 14 governorships and counting while retaining the U.S. House and taking over the majority in the Senate.

It was also a night when voters in four red states flocked to the polls to raise the minimum wage and Oregon, Alaska and Washington, D.C. legalized marijuana. Medical marijuana was on the ballot in Florida, but despite getting a majority vote, it fell shy of the 60 percent vote needed to change the state’s constitution.

All this adds up to a contradictory plate of Americas liking a minimum wage increase and relaxing their views on marijuana – while electing, most often, the party that’s against those things. It’s two steps forward, three steps back.

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