Extreme Obama: Michelle Obama Action Figure

Made by Jailbreak toys and just in time for Christmas sales you too can own your own comically ridiculous Michelle Obama Action Figure!

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Meant to go with the Barack Obama Action Figure Jailbreak also produces, the First Lady comes in three iconic looks that are burned into my retinas – the infamous purple “fist bump” sheath dress from when President Obama clinched the Democratic nomination, the “black widow” dress I hated from election night and the awesome dress she wore from White House Black Market on The View.

I will be purchasing … um … none of these because, um … no. They’re cute, I guess, but I’m a bigger fan of the ridiculously expensive Michelle O. porcelain doll and if I’m going to blow money on Obama doll-related paraphernalia I’d like them to AT LEAST be as awesome as my goofy talking George W. Bush doll I got as a gag gift. George looked like George and talked like George and had a cloth suit and was more like a Ken doll or full-size GI Joe than a tacky piece of plastic crap.

So, what I’m saying is … if this doll was pretty and wearing cloth renditions of those outfits I might not be able to stop myself from buying one no matter the price so Michelle could hang out with my FloJo, Venus Williams, Serena Williams, Brandi, MC Hammer and Michael Jackson dolls. But as long as she looks like a cartoon character I’ll pass.

11 thoughts on “Extreme Obama: Michelle Obama Action Figure

  1. C’mon it’s the First Lady! A $158 for a porcelain doll that resembles her to a tee is underpriced. However, I do agree that eyes on the action figures are a little off. Especially, the purple dress figure.

  2. 1. they don’t really look like FLOTUS2. but, they are smiling.3. cracking up about the outfits that they chose.4. cracking up that they are all sleevelessI go back and forth about this; I think there’s something terrific about little kids playing ‘ White House’ with Barack and Michelle Obama dolls.

  3. Those dolls are butt ugly and I wouldn’t have one. They look nothing like Mrs. Obama. I have ordered the China won of her in ther Inauguration dress. And the face is beautifl like hers. Who made this terrible things?

  4. None of the Jailbreak figures are on my list. I have the President Obama acton figure by DID Coeporation. If I find a Mrs. Obama to match him in size and in quality, I would buy her.

  5. Well, You know you’ve made it once you have an action figure! All she needs now is a breakfast cereal!! 🙂

  6. My mother has the porcelain FLOTUS and although I am personally not a doll collector, I have to admit it is pretty danggone awesome. Worth every penny.

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