Do Democrats Buy Google Ads?

Like a lot of bloggers I use Google Adsense to generate some revenue and I am endlessly surprised by the high number of political ads I get that are for either Republican Party members, conservative causes or the occasional Ann Coulter book. It’s not so much that I mind (even though those Ann Coulter ads can be especially annoying just because I really, really, really hate looking at her), but I seriously question Adsense’s common sense AND I’m seriously starting to wonder … do Liberals, Progressives, Civil Rights Orgs. and Democrats not purchase Google Ads?

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Almost every two-cent conservative think tank has had some kind of random ad pop up via Google Ads, but I can’t think of many Blue State style ads of any kind on my blog or most other blogs that use Adsense, regardless of their content. The only time I ever see “Liberal” ads are via a service called Blog Ads that I also subscribe to (there is currently an ad for “Fela” running in the Blog Ads spot). And those are usually on sites like DailyKos or Feministing. As good as Democrats were during election 2008 at utilizing the internet it seems a little short-sighted not to take advantage of something simple like Google Ads that are almost an omnipresence on the internet.

But what do I know? I’m just the lady who gets tired of thinking up ways to block that Human Events Ann Coulter ad.

2 thoughts on “Do Democrats Buy Google Ads?

  1. I don’t know the reason, but many politicos have written about how Conservatives have really latched onto social media. Maybe it’s a continuum from their domination of talk radio. But certainly Dems and Progressives are lagging behind. And I would mildy challenge a line in your post, "As good as Democrats were during election 2008 at utilizing the internet[…]" to assert that is wasn’t *Democrats* in the sense of the national party machine, but President Obama’s team genius in hiring an internet dream team and then actually letting them loose to harness the power of online organizing to open an entire new chapter in campaigning. Remember how Hillary’s campaign had to play catch up quickfast, but never could never quite match the deep organizing components because everything about Obama’s campaign was thoroughly integrated as part of an overarching strategic plan whereas Hillary’s was more of an afterthought. Although, was doing many of the elements deployed by Obama, they were not really seen as mainstream Democratic establishment. Now, I’m seeing state Democratic Party organizations investing in building social networks based on the success of Obama.I know you attended the Black Power 2.0 session at the CBCF. Did you hear the panel implore lawmakers to connect with them so they can help move the issues in real time? Do you think the conservative bloggers have to ask GOP politicians to reach out? I know I’m going off topic a bit, but I believe it’s all one in the same.

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