There is no such thing as Obama Kool-Aid. (Guest Blogger)

By Adeshola Blue

Last night, I watched the CNN special on Jonestown and the mass murder of those people who followed the venerable Jim Jones. I had the opportunity first hand to see the “Kool-Aid”  that everyone refers to when they say that people are blindly following others. Let’s just say that after watching that documentary, I will not use that terminology again. I may never drink Kool-Aid again.

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The most disturbing thing about the Kool-Aid analogy is that is commonly associated with supporters of President Barack Obama. Those of us who voted for Obama are allegedly blind followers that have been tricked and entranced by the awesomeness of the messiah/antichrist and we will do whatever he says.  The folks most egregiously accused of being Kool-Aid drinkers are black folks. Well, I beg to differ.  If we all were so entranced by President Obama, the following things would happen:

  1.  We would all have healthcare because Obama’s “grass roots community” would call their congressmen like the weekly White House emails suggest.
  2. Every child’s father and mother would be active in their lives because the President says it is important.
  3. We would all volunteer our time and become community organizers because we want to be like Mike, I mean President Obama.
  4. We would all read to our children every single night.
  5. We all would strive to attend Harvard University.
  6. There would be no more black-on-black crime.
  7. Every college and university would be overflowing with Black folks trying to get an education.

All these things would occur because the President says we should.  But that is not true. Folks may be entranced by the Obamas and we may like the photographs of the Obamas, but we don’t want to put in any work for the Obamas now that they are in the White House. Our motto is a simple one, “We have a black first family and y’all better not talk bad about them.”  Unfortunately that is Black American for “if you expect more than a whole lot of talk, you are sadly mistaken.”

16 thoughts on “There is no such thing as Obama Kool-Aid. (Guest Blogger)

  1. Let the Church say AMEN, AMEN…I like using the term "Black Folks" myself because it allows me to know that I am speaking of a certaine group of African-Americans who will always have their hand out but will not put in any work forth to get anything they need. I too am sick of the "Black Folks" who want to cry about what they don’t have and why don’t someone help them, HELP YOUR "DAMN" SELF! If we had these same set of "Black Folks" at the time when Slavery was in and then ended all of the accomplishments that have been made would not be so. It is sad to say but so true this set of "Black Folks" have found it easy to blame others and to cry abotu how helpless they are as oppose to doing something about a problem. It is never "Li’l Rays Rays" fault when he ends up in jail. It is always the schools, the medication and blah, blah, blah…I will never drink the Kool-Aide…Great Article….Sarah B.

  2. to say there’s no such thing is a logical fallacy. there were kool aid drinkers during the reagan, bush, clinton and bush years. there are some during this administation. some people so fervently support their candidate that they lose all logical and rational thought. it happens. if it isn’t you, then it isn’t you. but hit dogs will holler. the group think / monolihic block thinking is silly. i find it funny when people say "we" as if everyone in your >insert race/gender/creed< thinks all the same. this is an insult to the intelligent people who can formulate their own thought and come to their own opinons and back it up with facts and figures. and this applies to ALL sides.

  3. I agree with you in principal, Sarah, but I wouldn’t refer to those ‘folks’ as Black folks’. They are just "Folks", because there are some non-Black folks who are comfrtable in their mediocrity and as such only exert enough effort to get by, and the rest of their effort is on complaining etc… instead of doing….I also agree that there ARE folks for whom the kool aid drinkers label is appropriate, on both sides of the aisle. But they are the people who couldn’t articulate a position or reason or justification for their beliefs, because they don’t truly believe them, they are merely spouting what they’ve heard, versus spending any time or critical thought about an issues, reviewed the opionions and come to their own conclusions.

  4. I was just thinking that there aren’t many people out there willing to die for Obama (excluding the secret service and they are getting paid.). Kool-aid drinking is just not a good analogy.

  5. I beg to differ Adeshola Blue. Just as their were people who believed George W was sent by God to lead the country out of the darkness after the Clinton administration, there are people who believe Obama was anointed by God to lead this country. You are kidding yourself if you don’t think those people would die for Obama.That’s what frightens me. I think the left were so busy pointing out the anti-intellectualism of the right in their support of W, they forgot to look in the mirror.I was able to get pass the glanced look Obamites used to exhibit, but now the mindless acceptance of his policies or lack thereof is troubling. Obama could pee on some people and they would say, "Thanks brother, we needed the rain."

  6. This is just the Republicans way of trying to get people to turn their backs on Obama. Everything that George Bush did they agreed with. How come they didn’t consider themselves Kool Aid drinkers? This is just nothing but jealously because the world has taken a liken to Obama. If this was going on with a Republican candidate you wouldn’t hear a peep from them. I do think that people should be allowed to criticize Barack. He is not Jesus he is a human, but this is about jealousy.

  7. i can understand after watching the documentary why you wouldn’t want to use that term. I prefer O-ade to point out a different issue than yours when it comes to African Americans. O-ade drinkers are the ones who argue that President Obama can do no wrong, that no mistakes have been made and that his word is good enough. Addressing the the latter first, he is a politician. enuf said.The first is immature. The middle is the most problematic.You have to criticize w/ the intent to help. Take gay issues. Early on the Justic Department has to defend laws passed by the Bush administration in regards to gays. They used the exact language the Bush administration did including the egregious claim that changing the law would allow sex w/ animals. If they had said that about African Americans Eric Holder would be looking for work. You do not go around pissing people off. When it comes to the African American community was the passing of the farm bill without adding additonal money to settle the African American claims against the Department of Agriculture. To say people were upset at JJP is an understatement. Pointing out mistakes like this are legitimate criticisms.The racial attacks on the President are another case in point. Many people feel that the President should say nothing. Given the nature of it especially he is a Nazi provided plenty of means to fire back and hold the high ground. Best of all you could do it with surrogates.

  8. Co-sign swiv, diva and monica. With the depth and diversity of issues tacing this country, it is our duty to do our best to understand the issues, know the history and be critical thinkers who hold all our political leaders accountable — including the President. We are not helping him if fail to do this and just lapse in knee-jerk defense positions based on nothing more than racial allegience. IF we are nuanced in our support, we more credible and in a stronger position to rally support when the President faces genuine political/physical/psychological threats.

  9. sorry – someone forget to spellcheck. Should read "facing this country" and "We are not helping him if we fail…"

  10. Well Sviv if you are not one who does support President Obama, then you’re not being addressed. I feel the same way as the writer. Because I feel that people who don’t want these things for the nation are the ones who have kool-aid problems. people who stand against affordable healthcare reform, better schools and all the above mentioned things. I have already stated that I am not a kool-aid drinker in other posts. But I have the right to believe that the person that I worked and voted for will do some good in this nation and the world. Until he has shown me that he will not work to get these things done i shall continue to give my support and believe that these things can be done. So I don’t need people treating me as if I am a part of a Jim Jones cult because I want better things from this nation and hope that my vote for this man will see some of these things materialize. You are right we don’t all think alike……so if you have a problem with the way i think than instead of insulting me move along to a site where people feel like you or stay here and stop trying to destroy the expectations that those of us who are Pro Obama have.

  11. i don’t care about the way you think. your opinion doesn’t mean much to me. i support good decisions. whether or not they’re made by obama, another democrat or a republican. you don’t get the entire kool aid reference, huh? if you can’t handle a differing opinion on an open board, then this blog thing might not be for you. i’m not trying to destroy your "expectations" in obama, but if you feel that is happening, then your support for him and his policies isn’t built on a very good foundation to be so easily shaken.

  12. "your support for him and his policies isn’t built on a very good foundation"which is a characteristic of someone high off the sauce.

  13. Khrish, Are you interested in a honest discussion or are you interested in reading your opinion written by someone else?Everyone doesn’t believe that Obama is anointed by God.

  14. I wish there was a third party because I definitely dont’ agree with all of Obama’s policies. The Health Care legislation is going to be interesting to say the least.

  15. Adeshola, the fact that you said you watched a whole documentary about the Jonestown Massacre puzzles me. Because then you would have known that Jim Jones’ followers drank cynanide laced "Flavor-Aid" , not "Kool-Aid". So now I’m left to wonder how much of your article is devoid of facts.

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