Google Stalking TJ Holmes: It’s A March Wedding!

And I’m not the bride, but that’s beside the point.

From The Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Aww. That was the sound of the InterContinental becoming the Heartbreak Hotel. CNN anchor T.J. Holmes, emceeing the YWCA’s “Open Your Purse” fundraiser on Oct. 1, said he was wrangled into service with the promise of a ballroom full of women staring at him. (We totally were). Then he introduced his lovely fiancee, attorney Marilee Fiebig. We dashed out in between courses to eye her high-wattage bling. “He picked this himself,” she said, waving the hardware. They’ll tie the knot in March in Memphis. Sorry, ladies.

Thank you, anonymous TJ Holmes Wedding Watch Tipster!

11 thoughts on “Google Stalking TJ Holmes: It’s A March Wedding!

  1. Danielle, the marriage won’t be official for a couple of months so he’s technically considered single until then. Girl you still have a chance. He may see you and change his mind! It’s happened before. LOL *joke*

  2. But you SHOULD be the bride, Snob! What is this world coming to?Vodka and chocolate help. This I know from personal experience 🙂

  3. You have good taste! I personally have never had a crush on anyone in my life nor have I ever dated. No one has ever caught my attention. I’ve never seen a man that I considered fine. Guys on my college campus both black and white are nothing to look at and while it’s good to see young black men in college, the ones here don’t have enough class. I’m attracted to intelligent well-dressed men. This girl has never wanted a "bad boy." There are no male Hollywood celebrities that I would call fine for that matter. Denzel? His fine-ness is from his suaveness. Looks-wise he’s average-attractive. The only male celebrity that I would consider handsome is this man here… Roshan. A Bollywood actor. I’m no fan of Bollywood though. I just know of some actors. Don’t think that I don’t love black men. I just haven’t found any black male celebs that make me do a double-take.

  4. Does anyone know Hill Harpers realtionship staus?Is he single at all?Hey Snob or anyone else who has access to the information I REALLY hope we can see pictures of the wedding in march.

  5. I sorry but I do not want TJ to marry this chick. I didn’t know he actually had a wedding date planned. I’ve had a major crush on him for like a year now. He’s the only man I’ve ever crushed on that’s on tv and it’s not just a lust thing either. I’m not trying to hate but I’m hoping it doesn’t happen. Please Lord here my prayer let him stay single. She seem like a woman that’s all into her career to me too. I get that vibe from her how he says he eats out all the time and Betty be bringing him breakfast. If that was my man that would not be an issue. Please believe it.

  6. Tee – you sound a little unstable. And, like a hater. I though us as black females were trying to do (and be) better when it comes to supporting eachother, and encouraging black marriages and black families. Maybe you should pray for yourself. I’m just sayin.

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