Who Wants To Play for Team Rush?

Controversial conservative yakker Rush Limbaugh expressed interest in purchasing the St. Louis Rams last week as part of a larger group seeking to own the beleaguered team. It seems I wasn’t the only person horrified by this proposition, as several NFL players and now the head of the players’ union has come out against the notion of Limbaugh owning any part of the team.

Can’t say I blame them.

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From ESPN.com:

NFL Players Executive Director DeMaurice Smith on Saturday made a move to solidify the union against a bid by conservative talk show radio host Rush Limbaugh as part of a group that aims to purchase the St. Louis Rams.

In an e-mail to the union’s executive committee on Saturday specifically addressing Limbaugh’s bid, Smith said, “I’ve spoken to the Commissioner [Roger Goodell] and I understand that this ownership consideration is in the early stages. But sport in America is at its best when it unifies, gives all of us reason to cheer, and when it transcends. Our sport does exactly that when it overcomes division and rejects discrimination and hatred.”

Limbaugh and St. Louis Blues owner Dave Checketts are among six potential ownership groups that have discussed buying the Rams. League sources say the current sale price has ranged from $700-to-$750 million but that there did not appear to be an imminent transaction.

Who on earth wants to be a minority baller on a Limbaugh owned team? Considering what Limbaugh has said in the past about blacks and black athletes (see McNabb, Donovan and Limbaugh’s brief tenure at ESPN) you can imagine what the “Cringe Heard Round the League” sounded like.

32 thoughts on “Who Wants To Play for Team Rush?

  1. ? Who’s boss has never said one thing that employees did not agree with – how many years ago now? How many explanations of intent, not racist. Comment was an opinion of a player’s ability at a moment in time. McNabb said at the time he accepted the apology. I think the Rams players need to grow up.

  2. Zelma sweetie he compared the players to crips and bloods. as broke as I am if he offered me 10 million dollars a year to come on his show I wouldn’t do it. and if I ever hear any of my bosses refer to their black employees as gangsters I am gonna file an eoc complaint. stop defending the indefensible.

  3. That man so needs to stay on his meds and stop trippin – he is toxic and the hatred he spews would not add value to the NFL

  4. Really I do not agree with what he said. Just saying that if I was a player on a team on the downhill slide with few prospective buyers, I’d rather have a (really great) job than not. There are very few people with the means and the passion about sports to be good team owners – Limbaugh is one of them. Flame away – if Obama wanted to buy a team, could any of his remarks make the non African American players uneasy? Yes. There is no perfect buyer for this team.

  5. You’re right, you are a snob and a racist. Jay Z who can’t be more racist is part owner of the New Jersey Nets. Another partner of the NJ Nets is a Russian, Mikhail D. Prokhorov. We have chinese and japanese now also owning part of our teams and nary a voice was raised on any of these bids…so basically if you are a white conservative you can not buy a team – but if you are a black racist, a russian, a chinese or japanese it’s okay. Yeah, anything but a white conservative. Now who is the racist and the hypocrite???? It’s nauseating.

  6. just like you feel like it is okay for him to buy into a team it is okay for black folk to refuse to play for him. Period. End of discussion.

  7. @ Zelma, black people have a long tradition of being disrespected and exploited by other races because they know in the end weblacks are big consumers and we’ll be back for their money or their wares eventually. Just the other day I saw a Middle Eastern store owner call an african american female customer a fucking black monkey over some disagreement. He did this in front of numerous other black female customers and their outrage lasted as long as it took to get to the front of the line where they proceeded to open their wallets for him… If you want to carry on this tradition then do you, but aint nothing wrong with the Rams players. If anything they know their self-worth and I find it honorable for them not sell out and roll over just to make a buck… and to have bucks made off of them.

  8. @ Sonia. If Limbaugh was just a conservative then that’s fine, but he’s a RACIST. That’s not fine. Should Jews be happy working for anti-semites? Would you work for someone who has openly shown disdain for you just because of the color of your skin?

  9. If he can afford it, go for it. If they’d play for a racist named Marge Shotz, they’d play for any one. Its all about money to those kids. As long as he got they pay check right, they are going to play. This generation don’t know nothing about pride, dignity, and self-respect. Rush Limbaugh, if he can afford it, will get a team. Hopefully, he’ll get the team and get out of radio, because his "liberal vs. conservative" rhetoric has ran its course. He only has something to talk about when a democrat is in office. Is he a racist? I don’t think so. Does he know how to make ignorant white people sound intelligent? For that he’s a master and pimp! There are other people that control things that we should be more worried about that we are saying nothing about. Like the media "owners".

  10. Zelma said:"…if Obama wanted to buy a team, could any of his remarks make the non African American players uneasy?"In a word … no. It’s not about political views, it’s racial insensitivity. Conservative owners are common, maybe even the norm. Fine.Where, ever, has Obama shown prejudice against whites (disagreeing with white opinion doesn’t count)? He is not Rev. Wright.And most white NFL players have a pretty good feel for the black perspective, unless they are total dolts.BTW, guess my race.Wishing you progress Zelma, you need it.

  11. Despite my previous comment, I think Rush has as much right as anybody to own a team. Might broaden his world view.@AceI like your analysis, mostly. I never thought I’d say that. Peace.

  12. Are these guys saying that none of the current NFL owners are racists? Pu-leeze!!!If any player is drafted or otherwise signed by an NFL team, they will either play for that team, or they will not play in the NFL, regardless of who has ownership in that team. Period.

  13. Do you people actually believe that these hip hop music listening idiots and their brain dead mamas have the intelligence, self-respect, self-esteem, and ethnic consciouness to not play for a team owned by him.The hip hop MTV cribs mentality is not the mentality that would say don’t play for that team.

  14. A racist white male wants to "buy" a bunch of "african american" players? Why would anyone have a problem with that? /snarkHere is a concept that conservatives can understand, for every despicable action there are and should be consequences. Rush needs to understand that his words, and his actions necessitate a resounding "no".And as to the comments suggesting counter racism again a white conservative, lol. No one has a problem with a white conservative owning anything (or everything as the case seems to be). We have a problem with a RACIST white conservative, and if you were any sort of human, you would too.Peace.Rick Beagle

  15. Rick:As usual you miss the point. Rush would be buying part of the team not the players themselves, who sign a contract to work for the team. If the players don’t wanted to work for a team he owns they don’t have to sign the contract. Not to mention, since when has there ever been a ideological litmus test to buy something? Maybe in your workers’ paradise.

  16. For all the hubbub, Rush won’t come anywhere near owning the Rams. If there’s one league that sweats in the night over its reputation, its the NFL. And if the head of the players union is talking this down this early, it ain’t happening. Roger Goddell has been a ton of things in his short tenure, bet he’s not stupid. Rush will just have to live out his plantation fantasies somewhere else.

  17. I’m still hoping that this is a bad dream, I’m not even a big Rams fan. But this just smells bad to me. I can see this guy using the Rams, and my hometown to make all kinds of political statements…. and politicizing one of the nations great past times. He’s Mr. Drama…. and St. Louis doesn’t need it. But on the other hand… I’d like to see the team stay in St. Louis.Luckily…. there was news yesterday of another potential ownership group made up of local business owners… (several Black entrepreneurs are supposedly involved in this second group). To me, this gives the NFL and the Frontiere family a nice out…. a convenient reason to tell Limbaugh no thank you. I don’t really care that much about this either way….but I would rather not see this man getting anymore money or attention than what he already has…especially on the backs of people in St. Louis. This is a blue-collar, working man’s/working class/poor man’s town (the kind of folks that he despises so much). It would be like Limbaugh going into Chicago, Detroit, DC or Baltimore attempting to run things…or to become a stalwart in the community, when we know what he thinks about poor, working class and lower middle class folks… They would run him out of town.

  18. An interesting controversy. I don’t see anyone mentioning specifics of what he’s said. I read his Wikipedia page. It says that one of his commnets was that many people in the media wanted to see the Eagles win because they wanted a black quarterback to succeed. Is that racist? I hardly think so. Geeze, we heard a lot about Tony Dungey’s historic ‘first black head coach" superbowl. He was telling the truth, which some people hate. His use of a LA Times article about "Barack The Magic Negro" however as the starting point for a talk-riff and song parody, may have crossed the line. Still I didn’t see anyone mad at the LA Times, which started the whole thing. The article was written by a liberal critic and compared Barack to other non-threatening, well spoken blacks in media and movies, like Sidney Portier. Personally I think everyone should avoid using the term "negro", it’s obsolete. I’m just not sure that there is much basis for the complaints against him. Everyone seems to accept that he’s anti-black and racist. The only other person who’s on his show is black, right. HIs chief engineer. BTW: To the poster above. Rush was not convicted of a felony. Charges were dropped in exchange for him going into a recovery treatment program. He completed that successfullly many years ago.

  19. Dr. Z, There’s the Crips and Bloods comparison to the NFL, and that’s just off the top of my head. There are plenty more. I have little faith in that repository of knowledge that is Wikipedia. Let’s remove the racism from the picture. He is a polarizing figure trying to come into a league that "sweats in the night about its reputation." The NFL is riding high on being the most popular league in America. Why stop the gravy train with a big heaping portion of self inflicted stupidity?

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