Danielle’s Journal: A Season of Dressing Like Crap

For most of my life I’ve considered myself to be a pretty decent dresser except for that dark period known as “the last four years.” Some people dress bad because they don’t know any better, others are being “ironic,” some are anti-fashion, some dress for comfort only and then there was me — someone who took “dressing like crap” as a big, giant “fuck off” sign to anyone who dared to try to make eye contact.

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3 thoughts on “Danielle’s Journal: A Season of Dressing Like Crap

  1. I can’t imagine you as a "Fuck Off" kinda person. Was it really hostility, or just wanting to be left alone?

  2. Danielle,I understand this so well. I was the woman who never went out of the house, even if I was just going to check the mail, without my hair being done, some mascara, a tiny bit of blush and some lip gloss on; wearing something that complimented my figure and looked good on me.2009 rolls around and I’m looking like the local bag lady. My wardrobe is full of shapeless tee shirts, ill fitting jeans and Walmart discount tennis shoes. My hair is either pulled back in a simple braided pony tail or covered up in a large bandana. As for make up – it’s a bit of chap stick on the lips. So what happened?Over the course of a 13 year marriage, I went from feeling like a loving wife to a room mate who’s job it was to take care of the house and prepare meals. My artistic career was mocked as not being a "real job". Funny how the money was real enough… I had to deal with a number of crippling female related health problems as well as bouts of depression that would send me so low, I often thought about jumping off one of the beachside cliffs that run along the city in which we live. And to top it all off, I’m living half way around the world with no family except for a bunch of in-laws who time forgot.Thank goodness for renewed faith, a much needed surgery and a rediscovery of my self worth.The loveless, passionless, sexless marriage is about to jettsioned. I’m returning back to the US in less than 4 weeks time. I’ve been accepted at a fantastic art school in Chicago. And the bag lady wardrobe has either been donated to charity or dumped in the trash.I’m looking forward to having my hair styled every week. The make up is back on board and I’m going to be doing my part for the US economy upon my return by buying a whole new closet full of clothes, shoes and accessories.

  3. @ Snob: It is okay and you will get to where you want to be when you are ready. Good luck. @ Brandy: Safe travels and continued success when you return to the States!!!

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