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Um … no

One opinion that I forgot to mention in my previous post was that of those who think Obama should turn down the award (Mickey Klaus, Gawker … I’m speaking of you). Despite how you feel about him winning, that would make positively no sense and would only offend the same international community who was gracious enough to bestowe this award on the president. In other words, that’s just bone dumb.


6 thoughts on “Um … no

  1. David Wise says:

    You’re right. He can’t refuse it. He just has to make a gracious speech when he accepts and state what he intends to do to earn it.

  2. Wenzel Dashington says:

    Obama was also just named America’s Next Top Model and is reportedly in the running for this year’s Heisman. Will he have time to govern between the awards?

  3. Esme Squalor says:

    Perhaps the most gracious and mature response penned was by Al Giordano at The Field. Opening paragraphs:

    "Barack Obama has won the Nobel Peace Prize.In a civilized society, the first and proper response to somebody winning a prize, any prize, is “congratulations, dude.” On the other hand, the critics are beginning to sound a lot like Kanye West at the VMAs. . . . "Yo, Obama man, I’mma let you finish, but Pookie over here really did better at the peace thing than you."Check out Al Giordano at

  4. Esme Squalor says:

    I messed up the block quotes on the previous post. I do not want to give the impression that Mr. Giordano mentioned Pookie. His is the mature and gracious part. Mine is the petty comparison to Kanye West, not his.

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