Day: October 9, 2009

I almost spat out my coffee this morning when I heard the news. I wasn’t planning on updating the blog any further today and I’d slept in. And LOOK WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU SLEEP IN! Someone gives the dang president the dang Nobel Peace Prize for … um … what did he win it for? The man JUST got elected! He hasn’t even been in office a year. Isn’t this really the Nobel Peace Prize for “Dang, We Really, Really Hated Bush?” Either way, yeah for the prez. Yeah for us. But … um … what?

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The blogging world’s two greatest cyber playcousins, AverageBro and The Black Snob, shoot the breeze in this latest edition of An A/B Conversation. Today’s topics: Obama’s disappearing support in the black community, whether overt or covert racism is better, the sad state of black TV in post-racial America, Kanye West’s need for meds, and Levi Johnston’s decision to show his Johnston.

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