Happy Birthday to Me!

22 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me!

  1. Happy Birthday to yaHappy Birthday to yaHappy BirthdayGo SnobGo SnobIts ya Berf dayIts ya Berf day

  2. Peace to the Queen on her physical degree day!PS: I’m 38 but I feel like 16 with money and no curfew!

  3. I’m ‘jealous of your gorgeous head of hair, and Happy Birthday!p.s. Are you of West Indian descent, because you remind me of a young lady I used to work with.

  4. Happy Birthday to a very talented young woman!That’s a Sear’s Portrait Studio nursery background on your baby picture. I used to work for them taking baby pictures all day long! It was fun!

  5. Yaay!!! Happy birthday snob!!*claps and does the cheesy ‘happy birthday song they do in ALL the Chili’s*

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