Who Wants to Look Crazy on Bravo? These DC “Housewives” Do … Maybe

Real estate agent and rumored DC cast member Stacie TurnerReliable sources in D.C. told me that many black women who were approached about the Real Housewives reality TV show brand coming to Washington, D.C. balked at what the producers were looking for — which was something like Atlanta 2.0 with more craziness. Without a Nene in the bunch, the producers have “allegedly” put together a cast that resembles the … um … not quite as Negro part of the “Chocolate City.” Rumor has it that the cast includes …

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From NBC Washington:

Mai Abdo: wife of Jim Abdo of Abdo Development, mother of two and firmly on Washingtonian’s list of best-dressed women.

Mary Schmidt Amons: mother of five and founder of the District Sample Sale.

Lynda Erkiletian: president of one of D.C.’s most prominent modeling agencies. 

Michaela Salahi former model and wife of Tareq Salahi, who’s president of America’s Polo Cup and owner of Oasis Winery

Lisa Wernick Spies: the reality TV-ambitious wife of Republican fundraiser Charlie Spies.

There is one woman with a permenant tan who’s name is being hushed about, real estate agent and Howard University grad Stacie Turner. Young, Black and Fabulous is claiming that Turner, who is black, is a rumored cast member.

Personally, after watching a grand total of one episode of Atlanta, I don’t know why anyone of any persuasion would want to touch this trainwreck franchise with a ten-foot-pole. Even if you’re sane and accomplished the shows always seem to have a way of making you look ridiculous for just taking part in the drama-rama. But, hey! Maybe D.C. will be all classy and shizz! Cross yer fingers!

10 thoughts on “Who Wants to Look Crazy on Bravo? These DC “Housewives” Do … Maybe

  1. Being on one of the Housewives franchises is instant fame, if you can call it that. Many see it as a way to show their acting or singing and hopefully get discovered.It’s one thing if you want to make a fool of yourself on TV, but I don’t understand why these women drag their families into the buffoonery, especially when they have children.

  2. Um, I thought these shows were supposed to be feature HOUSEWIVES? Those don’t sound like housewives to me? They sound like women with jobs.

  3. I don’t either. There is something better that anyone can do anywhere except become a part of the madcap crew. I can’t imagine one self respecting woman who has no money desiring to be a part of that crappy show.

  4. Who takes TV seriously these days? Those seeking a departure from the burdens of life may watch for totally mindless entertainment. "Housewives" delivers. Before anyone starts judging, every class has its behavioral vacation.

  5. If these ladies want to break out in acting, good start. Maybe soon they will garner a "real" part in a movie such as maybe, uuhm, "Monster’s Ball". Acting is just that, ACTING.

  6. I was listening to a report on NPR yesterday, and they said the show was so lacking in personality that they were only able to "salvage" 9 episodes. Not to mention only one of the "cast" is actually from DC. The rest are from surrounding areas…

  7. Watching it right now…Think I’ve had my fill of the housewives franchises. This one is getting on my nerves already. I can’t imagine why anyone would voluntarily spend quality time with people they don’t like. I personally try to avoid people who get under my skin these days. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I’m 41 and my tolerance is at an alltime low…Then again these chicks are around (both over and under) my age as well.

  8. Turned Out To Be SEErazy & Unimpressive presently Says The Snob…..Who In The H*** Is the Ole Stick – Oops Chic with All that HORRIFIC PLASTIC sURGERY!

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