Is It Smart Politics To Bash Chicago to Get To Obama?

While I was away, Chicago lost its bid to host the 2016 Olympic games. Naturally, many Americans were disappointed as everyone likes to host the Olympics. But I wasn’t surprised that the Chi was eliminated in the first round. What was both surprising and not surprising at the same time was how some conservatives, mainly media types, relished in Chicago losing its bid as if they A) weren’t Americans and B) hated Chicago. But it was really all about seeing a perceived “fail” by President Obama in his effort to get his adopted hometown a hosting slot. Still, does it make sense to smack around Illinois in the process?

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For one, Illinois is a part of this place called … ahem … America. And last time I checked America really, really likes hosting any Olympics of any kind, especially the Summer Games where we usually kick all kinds of arse. I get that rah-rah, the president went to Copenhagen and came back with nothing so whooptie doo, but aren’t you shitting on Chicago in the process? What did Chicago do to you? As a not-too-far-away neighbor of America’s Second City (The Snob is from St. Louis, Mo.), I feel I have to speak up for my northern cousin and say, “Eff you!” to those who were a little too happy that all the money and prestige would not go to an American Midwestern city for the Olympics. How is losing an Olympics a win for America? We get no money, no new jobs and no cred. What flipping sense does it make to celebrate that? But I forget, it’s not about Chicago, it’s about hating the president who happens to be from Chicago. Puh-leaze.

Never mind all the Republican and conservative politicians in Illinois trying to get elected to things who have to contend with their brethren asking them to shoot themselves in the foot and say “Nay! I don’t want my state and the largest city in my state to be successful! Screw the people of Illinois! Party politics are a-foot!” Do these people not realize that conservatives actually live in Illinois and might have LIKED to have the Olympics? But I know, I know. The president is too delicious of a target to pass up, so if Illinois gets called dirty, crooked or unworthy in their efforts to get to him, so be it. Just don’t be surprised if one day you look up and Republicans can’t get elected in the state because their party has been branded a bunch of Illini hating party poopers.

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  1. The Republicans have shown they’re willing to cut off their nose to spite their face. Limbaugh is acting like the southern sheriff in "The Heat of the Night," who hates Sidney Poitier because he’s articulate, educated and urbane. His jealous rant a few days ago was embarrassing: "Barack Hussein Obama, hmmm, hmmm, Barack Hussein Obama. The world rejects Obama. The ego has landed." If racism is a disease, Limbaugh and other wingnuts have got it bad.

  2. Sure, why not? Obama and Rahm are from Chicago. After Raham arrogantly promised critics good tickets it made Chicago losing all that much sweeter. Not to mention, last time I checked, Texas got smeared b/c Bush was from Texas. I also think you are confusing Chicago with the rest of Illinois, kind of like how people confuse Northern Va. with the rest of the state.

  3. Well, let the record show, Chicago wasn’t out in the first round. Actually, Chicago won the bid for the USOC, as much as I was against Chicago getting the Olympics, they did do pretty well getting all the way to the top four.

  4. It was a horrible idea for Prez Obama to go to Copenhagen to try to get the Olympic bid, for many reasons. And while Chicago would be a great place to visit it would be a horrible city to represent America. The political corruptness and homicide rates have been in the headlines all year and if anything these are the issues the President should be addressing. His failure to secure Chicago as an Olympic host city definitely gives the Republicans fuel but the fact that Chicago didn’t get the Olympics is actually a victory for the city. Anyone who thinks otherwise should research what happens to cities after the Olympics are over and done and I would’ve hated to see that happen to Chicago. The only reason his "friends" pushed him to go to Copenhagen in the first place is because they had already invested in Chicago 2016 and were going to gain alot of money between now and 2016 not because it would be good for Chicago. I’m not a Republican just agreeing with them on this. President Obama should be focusing on fixing the real issues this country is facing not helping his already rich friends get richer.

  5. @Rew-B – you make an interesting an valid point about the world of politics. Nothing is ever what it seems. Of couse Obama didn’t go to Copenhagen to lobby for his city, he’s got to get into office next year and can’t lose his financial backing. For reasons I don’t yet understand, I was irritated that Oprah carried herself over there with the President. I agree though that it is a bit foolish to root against Chicago. If nothing else it would’ve given some Americans the opportunity to see the Olympics in person.

  6. It’s terrible that the righties gloat the way they do.But, when you think about it, it’s all they can do: cry, wail, moan and repeat.

  7. I had a feeling Rio would get it in the first place since the continent has never hosted an Olympic event. That said, it screams petty to use that as some sort of campaign talking point, but oh well…

  8. obama shouldn’t have gone in the first place. he has bigger fish to fry. the country has people on it already. and yes, the loss is embarrasing. the move was unprecedented and obviously not succesful.

  9. The severe partisanship is bad for our country. I saw a panel discussing this on Sunday, they claimed it is no worse than it has always been and I disagree. Moderates are being marginalized. A moderate Republican in Utah cannot get any attention or get elected, he has to be in Glenn Beck territory. Likewise, the DC area has no interest in a moderate Dem, you have to be extremely left to garner any attention.What happened to the middle? We used to take a leftist idea, combine it with a right-wing position and make a centrist policy that benefited everyone. Orin Hatch would be happy to see 15% unemployment and a war in Iran if it means Obama loses in 2012. It is disgusting!Everyone in America should have wanted ChiTown to get the Olympics.Don’t a be a dick or an Orin.

  10. Do you folks even read the news? Of course he had to go over. The heads of state of all of the other contenders had anounced ages ago that they were attending. Had he not gone, we’d have heard months of unpatriotic, would stand up for America blah blah blah…. and any decrying chicago’s crime/corruptness, has clearly never been to Brazil and Rio in particular. Rio puts the worse of the Us to shame in those categories.And Oprah went because she is a prominant resident, employer and business person in the city of Chicago. she deserve to be there right along with the other prominant resident/employer/business persons. what, because she is Oprah, she isn’t supposed to go? Ridiculous considering she is always talking about how much she loves it etc… Dig a little deeper, think a little more critically y’all. What folks should be wondering is if Chicago had the strongest technical submission, in fact, one of the strongest EVER submitted, and the backing of the federal govt and couldn’t win the bid, what does that say for any other prospective US city that would like to host the Olympics…. Not every Olympics results in a bad situation for the city after the fact, and the improvements in infrastructure, facilities and green space, not to mention the increase in tourism, hotel, restaurant and other related industries is significant. People decry gentrification, but here was an opportunity to take a non-progressing part of the city, build the Olympic village and subsequently make available green, moderatly priced housing, close to downtown and the public transportatio improvements alone would have benfited Chicago and the surrounding states for years to come.

  11. In case you haven’t noticed, the Republicans already don’t have an easy time of it winning federal-level elections in Illinois. Democrats are more than half of the state House delegation; Democrats have held one or both of the senate seats for most of the last 20 years; and the last Republican Presidential candidate to carry the state was Bush senior back in ’88. I’m not up on how well the state party is doing recently, but I do know it was hilariously shambolic six years ago, particularly in its attempts against Obama’s Senate run.

  12. obama is in a no-win situation with republi-klans. i’m pretty sure the right wing hypocrites had their talking points bashing obama ready just in case he didn’t go to copenhagen. its time for obama to ram his agenda right down these peoples thoarts. the time for trying to be bi-partisan is over. the republi-klans are never going to support him and if keeps pussy-footing around with them his support from his base is going to erode also.

  13. I thought it was great that he went and represented his hometown. As for the Republicans’ response, it was shameful and that is the nicest way I can put it. I agree with what others have said, if we had succeeded in getting the Olympics it would have meant jobs, improvements to the city, raising of our status, and a host of long term positive contributions to the city, the state and the country.I also agree that the POTUS needs to remain true to his base. Repeal don’t ask, and get cracking on healthcare.Peace.Rick Beagle

  14. Rick:Before the IOC decision, I was listening to a segment on National Public Radio that cast doubt on claims that getting the Olympics really does anything for a city in terms of long term benefits except create more debt. Many people claim there would be benefits but those claims are not supported by facts. Not to mention in Chicago’s case it would have been a perfect opportunity for more graft and corruption.Obama should have know that given the level of acrimony between the IOC and USOC, that the IOC wasn’t going to give the US the games. Clearly Obama’s advisers thought he could charm the IOC.

  15. "National Public Radio that cast doubt on claims that getting the Olympics really does anything for a city in terms of long term benefits"Scott, If you believe that nonsense, I have a bridge to sell you. Picking the opposite side of a debate just to oppose the POTUS without regard for the potential harm or benefit of said proposal is simply foolhardy and mentally lazy in the extreme. More to the point, anyone here think the Right would have stated that the POTUS didn’t support Americans if he hadn’t gone to Coppenhagen? Anyone else think the Right would have trotted out statistics to prove how VALUABLE the Olympics are to local and state economies? And then concluded that Obama hates America?The motivation(s) of the Right have nothing to do with what is right or wrong, just a predictable opposite reaction to the actions of the President. I find that attitude boorish and vile. Peace.Rick Beagle

  16. National Public Radio is well respected for their journalistic integrity. I think they are too liberal but I still listen due to the quality. If you have other equally as well respected sources to dispute their work please by all means share them.Politics is a contact sport, did anyone really expect the Right not to gloat when Obama failed? Besides, I seem to remember that the Left took every chance to gloat about every failure or gaffe that Bush made. Did you find the Left equally boorish and vile then, I doubt it. So please save your faux outrage for someone else.

  17. Rick:Your article says nothing about the economic merits of bringing the Olympics to a city. This is quite telling as supposedly Paul Krugman is an economist. The article is equally as silent about the boorish and vile nature of the Left’s gloating about Bush’s failures. Krugman’s piece is only a liberal shill op-ed, can’t you do any better?

  18. i find it funny when someone disagrees with someone else, that someone else says they’re not looking at the bigger picture or thinking critically of the situation. he didn’t have to go. it was an unprecedented move, and it did not yield a positive result. it’s embarrassing. did any you ever think that we had people on it already? that michelle or oprah was going? this was a stupid move considering the message it sends.

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