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The last Coolout ever at the Beacon Hotel’s rooftop in Washington, D.C.

The Snob returned to St. Louis in one whole piece, all ten fingers and toes! I had a great time in Washington, D.C. and got a lot of work done. (And even a few job ledes!) Things are going exceptionally well in Snobland, better than they ever have and I have all of you to thank, my wonderful, patient readers who help make this site as awesome as it is!

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Just a random update on my life: I spent most of my trip working on stories for Essence and The Root. (The Essence story I’m going to put up on the blog today. A shorter version of it ran on Hitting up the Congressional Black Caucus Annual Legislative Conference, going to the meet-ups, receptions and after-parties, discussing the growth of D.C.’s emerging black social scene to meeting with various writers, journalists and Web sites about future collaborations. I went to the last day of the Urbanworld Film Festival in New York to see the winners announced (and I’ll be reviewing a few of them for the site). And I had two huge meetings for the television project I’m working on as a writer. Both went exceptionally well.

I also had a lot of fun. Which was why there was hardly any blogging this trip. When I wasn’t working, I was out until about 3 a.m. Needless to say I’m wonderfully exhausted!

#1. BloomBars in D.C.

Actor Joe Morton is one of the individuals I’m working with on the project and after a long day of meeting and discussing the project the bulk of the team headed over to BloomBars, a non-profit, music-tinged collaborative in Washington, D.C.

Joe, who claimed to be “rusty” belted out an original tune, “Flirtation” and a cover of “On Broadway” like he was supposed to perform that night. Joe is a great guy with an listing about as long as my arm. If you’re going, “Hey! Isn’t that …?” the answer is probably yes, and you’re probably thinking of something involving runaway aliens or killer cyborgs or maybe you’re one of the lucky ones who’ve seen his theater work.

 #2. The Dominican Blow Out

Another person I’m working with on the project is Joe Morton’s daughter, Hopi Morton. She is a co-producer along with Dot Johnson, who created the concept. I stayed with Hopi while I was visiting New York and for fun we went to the hair salon near her apartment in Brooklyn to have our heads attacked by high heat from a “Dominican Blow Out.” I’d never had one, but those ladies in that shop were SERIOUS, including our stylist Wendy, who kicked my hair’s ass. Never had I seen steam leap from the depths of my hair before.

#3. The Last Coolout Ever

On Sunday, my last day in Washington, D.C., I went with my friend Karen Parker to the last “Coolout” event on the rooftop of the Beacon Hotel. I had an amazingly good time watching the sunset and dancing away my last night in the Nation’s Capital. Afterwards we hit up Marvin’s then ate the world’s latest meal at The Diner. Somehow we managed to get home safe despite the fact that everyone in the car was exhausted and I hit a wall sometime in the middle of my sandwich at The Diner. I’m pretty sure I was “sleep-eating.” The last words I remember saying were “I love Jamiroquai!” and then it was dreamland.

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  1. Been a Joe Morton fan since "Brother From Another Planet." He’s a good musician too. I didn’t know that. Hee, hee

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