Story on The Root Today: Death to All Panels!

The Snob has a story up on The Root today calling for the death of the very panels she sometimes sits on. (They can be a little dull. One-on-one workshops would be better.)

Here’s a taste of my most recent panel experience:

Robert Townsend bounded around the room trying to sell me on his Web-based show “Diary of a Single Mom,” including dragging out the slightly less enthusiastic looking cast, including be-shaded Billy Dee Williams, a thoughtful Richard Roundtree and a bored-out-of-his mind looking Leon. It wasn’t for a lack of people. Each panel was filled to the brim with experts, hosted by author/scholar Farai Chideya.

Unfortunately, they were all up against the same thing that dooms all panel discussions—they’re boring.

Read the rest here.

3 thoughts on “Story on The Root Today: Death to All Panels!

  1. Great article. You are right. The problem is that those are still old heads organizing old head events. They haven’t stepped into the future. I attended my first blogging conference this year (ScienceOnline09 in Research Triangle, NC) and I loved it! The entire meeting was participatory! Before the meeting folks were asked to shape teh program and discuss content on the wiki. The meeting was all back adn forth – no lectures – all action oriented.

  2. I hear you! It could be worse–in my line of (academic) work, not only do we sit on 3-4 person panels at conferences, but each panelist is usually expected to READ a 10-15 page paper. Out loud. That’s your contribution to the panel. *cries*

  3. @DNLee: that is AWESOME! i just went to the website, but they are still only talking abt the ’09 conference from january. would love to hear about the one scheduled for 2010!

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