New York, New York: She’s A Helluva Town (That I Get Lost In)

The Snob is still on the road!Number of times lost walking in New York on this trip: twice

Number of times lost on the subway: twice

Number of times lost in a cab: once

This city is too ridiculously huge. It just is. Every time I leave my friend’s place in Brooklyn it’s just another opportunity to get lost either on public transit or by foot. I feel like Hansel and frickin’ Gretel — like I need to toss bread crumbs behind me where ever I go. Despite the constant getting lost, I got to meet up with my cohort, author Erica Kennedy, and talk about how publicity for her new book Feminista is going Tuesday. I’m actually in the midst of reading the book to do a review so it was great to meet up with her. We met at Havana Central, a place I passed up twice on the way of getting lost around Union Square. I was, sadly, an hour late. (Mostly because I went the WRONG WAY on the subway for 30 minutes beforehand.)

I feel like I’ve been living out of my suitcase for two months since I made this same trip in August and will be back again mid-October for Howard University’s School of Communications’ Job Fair. More and more it feels like I need to start contemplating that move!

12 thoughts on “New York, New York: She’s A Helluva Town (That I Get Lost In)

  1. When I first came here and was trying to take the train to the Wall Street stop, I got scared once the train got to Fulton Street, because I thought that meant I was in Brooklyn. All I knew of Fulton Street was that Biggie used to be around there. I didn’t know there was a Fulton Street in both boroughs (it’s actually the "same" street, it was designed to pick up on the other side of the river.) Try not to get lost and end up in Queens. That seems to be common for newcomers.

  2. @ PIIt’s pretty common to meet people you’re going to write about. Or talk to them on the phone. I mean, I’m a journalist. I meet people I write about all the time. It’s the best way to learn about the subject you’re going to write about. Also, one dinner does not a compromise make.

  3. All my brothers and sisters knew New York like the back of their hand. Uptown, downtown, Brooklyn, Bronx, Harlem, you name it. Me, I can’t find my way out of a paper bag.

  4. Welcome to New York! yeah, NY can definitely be confusing the first time you visit. First time I came here I was trying to visit my buddy in midtown, and wound up in BKLYN somewhere. just be thankful you don’t have to navigate Jersey. go to Barnes & Noble or Borders and get yourself a pocket sized "Not For Tourists Guidebook" and you should be straight. Hope you enjoy your stay in our fair town.

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  6. Ehav Ever: don’t you think your announcement would be better placed in Hot Topics? It doesn’t have anything to do with the the post: Navigating around NYC is very intimidating. I was texting the streets we followed to my sister so we could remember the way we came. And the subway…I feel dumb admiting it but I didn’t even occur to me that there could be more than one platform at a station. My mind was blown when I realized that more than one train line was going through the same station. I can’t wait to go back and do it again.

  7. Girl I love getting lost in NYC and I’m not even an American. When you have some time you should spend a day yes a day at Grand Central. The place freaked me out at first but after a couple more visits, I conclude that it rocks. Now DC. Never been there but I did see some activities taking place there recently that didn’t seem too inviting.Love this site.

  8. Made It There, Make It Anywhere – She’s A Hell Of A Town Indeed…Have a Super Saturday My YANKEE Lovers!

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