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Image from GawkerWhile in New York I’ve been trying to get caught up on the news and learned about the videotaped beating death of Chicago 16-year-old Derrion Albert. Again, there’s a reason why they make you read “Lord of the Flies” in high school to show children for the cruel, amoral monsters they can sometimes be. To essentially stomp a peer to death for fun and to videotape the whole thing is perverse, but not shocking when you think of how throughout history people have been drawn to violence and witnessing that violence first-hand. Per usual, I wonder where any of the adults were in this. One can’t control their children at all times, but one would hope that they wouldn’t raise little monsters who would murder one of their peers.

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  1. Five Lives Destroyed.The murdered Honor student and the unconscionable pack of wolves that committed the crime against him. And to happen in Chicago is simply devastating. The Obamas, Kanye, Common, Jennifer Hudson, and their ilk need to do something about the city they represent. How can a city that has produced such brilliance have such tragically senseless killings?

  2. Chicago officials can’t blame this death on their favorite excuse of gun violence. Maybe now they will look for the real causes.

  3. This is so sad, and the voyeurism that goes along with it sickens me. I’m sure the trolls will come out to disrespect this innocent child.. I hope those who would do that, pause before you write and think of what this child went through in his last moments… what if it was your flesh and blood that was victimized and not some random "other" person?

  4. If we can’t get the death penalty for these murderers, make them do some real hard time. They don’t need to be in a prison with access to tv’s and recreation and visits from girlfriends. Wish they could do some Supermax time.

  5. This one touched my heart to the core. So many questions and no answers. I refuse to watch the video. I can’t see taping the incident, on a cell phone no less, when you could have called somebody if you weren’t willing to help the child. SNCC used to have trainings to show teens how to protect themselves and fellow protesters from the blows of police and white supremacists. Do we need to bring those trainings back to protect young black teens from each other. Ridiculous! I can only think of the pain he went through and the pain he family currently feels. And I could never understand a gang beating. How much of a weak coward are you that you and 3 of your "boys" feel you can beat one person? That is NOT a badge of honor. What can we do to stop this foolishness?

  6. msladee:What can we do to stop this foolishness? It is called parenting, I think Bill Cosby may have mentioned it.

  7. Isn’t the Olympics being held in that city? "What can we do to stop the foolishness?" America doesn’t want a serious answer. If Bill Cosby said raise your kids in front of everyone he’d be wrong. If we talked about the influence of Hip-hop, we’d be wrong. If we talked about poor "mothers" and fathers (Black parents), especially "mothers", you ain’t trying to hear it. We stop the foolishness by handling the "truth". Black people can’t handle the truth, just keep your ignorant gang banging kids away from mine, is all that I pray. You don’t want to hear the truth, People.

  8. I was more so referring to those of us who don’t have kids to raise. It’s obvious that depending on parents to do their job and hoping for the best isn’t working. It’s obvious that depending on school systems is insufficient. It’s obvious that parents being scared to of their kids, teachers being prevented from disciplining kids, and adults being afraid to say something to other people’s kids is not effective. I mentor, but I often find that youth in mentorship programs already have a good foundation. So how do we reach the rest? What do we as the general public do? It’s no longer ok to look at such situations and say "I told you so" or point a finger and walk in the other direction. We get that the other support systems are failing miserably. So what do WE do?

  9. msladee:Honestly, I’m not sure that the general public can do much to reach the rest of those kids. That said, I’m not an advocate of gov’t doing it, in lieu of the public.

  10. —meant to add, I am also not sure what the law abiding public can do, either. I have a house of "folks" on my block that stays fighting, often with kids present. This is what they will grow up seeing as normal, and all the 911 calls and block association meetings (with a sergeant from our precinct present ) about this house have not deterred the violence of the adults in this family in several years. The murderers who killed this poor child probably grew up in households like this and don’t see anything wrong with it.

  11. msladee, keep doing what you doing and i’m going to keep doing what I’m doing at my Churches Friday Night Youth Program. I have kids of my own, but I know I got to help with these other kids because they may be the ones that might one day try to rape or kill my kids. Sounds crazy, I know, but i’ve been working with youth for the past 20 years or so. What do we do? We keep trying to help all of them, those that we can reach "beautiful", those we lose – that’s life. I want every young person to know "I told you". Not knowing is not an excuse. So we got to continue to show these kids the example that we care and be consistent with them. I ain’t never worrying about the general public because they get paid off of our kids mistakes – I just pray that "we" be consistent and wake up. Mothers got to get some "shame" back in their game.

  12. If I told you that Hip-hop has been another medium to make jewish people rich over the past 15 years and has become the avenue or introduction to young Black males going to prison with their braids, sagin’ pants, and "no snitchin’" philosophy, I’d be wrong, right? Well, I won’t say it. Just saw Anderson Cooper 360 and not one person stepped forward. STOP THE "JAIL HOUSE" MENTALITY IN THE BLACK COMMUNITIES. In Philly they know how many prison cells to build based on the number of kids that can’t read by the 3rd grade. What does that say about the education of "our" children and the "prison system". There is a correlation. Ignorance and a rebelliom against "what is right" is the problem. America chastises what’s "right" in our communtiy, but rewards the ignorance. Black people don’t want to hear the truth, because I’d have to talk about the Black mother, money, pride, dignity, and self-respect. And Black people ain’t ready for that. Not tonight.

  13. I hope Obama will address this issue. Seems like Cosby’s message is falling on deaf ears. Im not looking for Jackson, or sharpton, or anyone else to say anything really, because i know the truth that most all black peaole know; this madness WILL continue until the men grow a spine and take back their hoods, women stop popping out babies for boys who would sooner die than marry them, and take control of YOUR child’s education! Just who the hell are we waiting for to clean up our shit? These are moral realities that WE must address ourselves. All of the many social ills in our hoods WE have to be willing to fight to the death for! The strruggle is NOT OVER! Our children are worth saving.

  14. Our children are worth saving. Tara and anyone else that is willing to fight to the death, the next time we see a young person with their pants saggin’, cursing, or just acting inappropriately, let’s make it a habit of tactfully saying something to them. Not coming off as scolding them, but letting them know that they are better than that and encouraging them to want to be better people. Let’s be consistent. This can be time consuming, but I bet if we all consistently did it we can make a difference. Not every kid will listen, but if you keep seeing the same kids and your consistently tactful, they get the message, at least when they are around you. And I’m goingto say something that some of you may not agree with, I teach my kids if you are not a "thug" or "Hip-hopper" don’t dress like one. Meaning no briads, earrings, tatoos, hoochie momma clothes, bandana’s, or any other hip-hop/thug paraphanalia. You guilty by association. The young man in the photo above was innocent, but that picture doesn’t show intelligence to me. "If you not a n-word person, don’t dress and project the part of one". This is just how I feel. I also know this from experience.

  15. Reverend Al Sharpton is not from Chicago. But that "Uncle" stuff sounds a little derogatory to me. I’m feeling a certain way about you, Scott. I know they all can do they photo op thing , but if you refereing to Minsister Louis Farrakhan as "uncle’, YOU STOP WITH THE "ANTI-HAMMITISM".

  16. some people aren’t worth saving. sometimes you have to cut your losses and move on. not everyone is a project.

  17. Got to through some new terms at you all every now and then. ‘Cause they wearing out that "anti-semitism" one.

  18. Minister Farrakhan just spoke on Michael Jackson, I believe it was Monday. And he was saying how Hollywood hates Black peope and how Michael Jackson asked Steven Spielberg and others to do a movie on black people in ancient Africa and they turned him down. Minister Farrakhan was talking about how they are quick to say people are anti-semtic, but pointed out how these same people that run Hollywood (sme people that own the media and hip-hop) hate Black people (anti-hammitic). Time to fight back. The got a young girl with a song called "You The White Man’s B**&^" out and she’s spiting some Black Nationalist or knowledge of self true information in an ignorant way, but come to find out she’s being pushed by a Kemetic science cult that rocks the Jewish Star of David over the Afrikan Ank. Kemet was before the star of David, but the Star of David people running hip-hop and Hollywood.

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