The Snob

The Surreality of The Snob

This is me with Senator Burris who was more than happy to pose for pictures with party-goers CBC weekend at The Park at Fourteenth on Saturday. I was there covering the event, among several others that week, for a story I was writing about the emerging D.C. black social scene for Essence Online. The party at The Park was hilarious — from all the congressional staffers getting down in their suits and ties to women in sparkle pants dancing on the floor.

Here are some pictures from my most recent trip after the jump.



12 thoughts on “The Surreality of The Snob

  1. Lauren Nichols says:

    Hi Danielle-It was a pleasure meeting you over CBC weekend. Loved the article on the Essence blog. Don’t be a stranger to "Chocolate" City…Cheers!

  2. Aabaakawad says:

    Hey, he’s cute ‘n’all, and it’s good to be open-minded, but really, isn’t he too old for you?Hmmm… maybe I should check out what Carol Moseley Braun is up to these days. Maybe she’s lonely. [Ex-]Senators from Illinois are hot these days.Great pic of the Snob.

  3. metaworks says:

    As a native Washingtonian and lifetime political junkie who did not make it back to DC for Caucus, reading your posts is great fun! Keep it coming . . .

  4. Jordan Jenkins says:

    Wow, it just hit me. Roland Burris is the only Black U.S. Senator. There’s two Asians and three Latinos, but only Roland Burris. I think the only ones that I know are running in 2010 election cycle with a faint prayer are Ron Frazer in Colorado and Kendrick Meek in Florida.

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