The Snob Is Back In New York (But Will Return to D.C. In A Few Days)

World’s most random panel hosted by actor/director Robert Townsend included Billy Dee Williams, Richard Roundtree and Leon at the CBC ALC.In my brief break from my usual obsessive pop-politics blogging (as I’m back East for work yet again), I’ve been scampering all around the place covering events and shuttling from one place to another. I wrapped up CBC week/weekend quite possibly hitting as many soirées as possible, including everything from hanging out with, of all people surprisingly, Sen. Roland Burris of Illinois (who I once joked would pimp walk around the Capitol all day long after he was made a senator) to attending a benefit for Haiti. All this will be chronicled in my first story for online which I’m writing today from an internet cafe I had to walk around Bed-Stuy for nearly an hour to find. My usual Bed-Stuy spot, Aida’s, was closed, so BlackSnob HQ is temporarily at The T-Cup Cafe off of Fulton St. right now. I also attended the end of the Urbanworld Film Festival Sunday, catching the awards’ brunch and meeting many of the participates and directors. I’ll be doing a recap of some of the films of Urbanworld over the coming weeks as I get all caught up. Big ups to Hopi, Karen and Jada for making this trip a possibility. Per usual I’m operating short on sleep and long on hustle. Stay tuned, same Snob time. Same Snob channel.

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  1. Danielle, I wish I had seen you in the room. It would have been delightful to meet you and congratulate you in person for all your recent accomplishments.! The entire Black Power 2.0 panels were wonderful. It was truly inspiring to see and exchange ideas with the sistas and brothas (but mostly sistas!) who are moving our dialogue forward online. Next time, someone should host a meetup (hint hint). With the Majority Whip James Clyburn and Donna Brazile among the heavyweights supporting digital equity and opportunity, the digital frontier looks promising indeed. There is much to be done, though, and we will need the community to rally together to ensure that "blacks in space" is not science fiction. If others want a taste of what went down, please visit It hasn’t been updated yet, but give it a little time. I’m sure everyone is still digesting the events, discussions, and parties! (I know I’m still reeling from seeing T.O. sparkling at LOVE and I consider myself a level-headed girl)

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