Washington, D.C./CBC: Third Time’s A Charm!

Back in D.C., a town of which I’m becoming quickly acquainted. I love it. It seems to keep pitching woo right back at me. Maybe it’s time to stop the running around and settle down for a commitment … of blogger and city. Make this thing formal. But for now I’m a visitor and a St. Louis native. We’ll fantasize about running away to the Capitol another day.

I’m hanging out at Le Pain Quotidien near Eastern Market for the food and the wi-fi in my prettiest green dress still exhausted from the night before. The morning session was about poverty (serious), I got rebuffed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s security detail while trying to take a short cut (hilarious). I got to meet The Root’s new executive editor Danyel Smith and so far none of my nails have broken. The morning was muy bueno. Alas, the hair frizzed up at first sign of moisture and is now secured tightly in a bun.

At least I have this picture to document that it was not a frizzy nightmare when I left the house that morning.

Aside from answering the question, “What is The Black Snob,” I’ve spent most my time listening to others, absorbing information and wondering what I would blog about today when I’m on such a tight blogging schedule? Healthcare? The president? Ponderings about what exactly is Kanye West’s girlfriend, Amber Rose’s job? I mean. What does that chick put down on a W2 form? The winnless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? Poverty (since I did go to a session all about poverty)? Or should I just wait until after tonight to write more depending on what I get into afterhours?

Decisions. Decisions.

17 thoughts on “Washington, D.C./CBC: Third Time’s A Charm!

  1. Sigh… I miss DC! Anyhoo, if you are there on Saturday morning, go get peach donuts from the peach man at Eastern Market….DEVINE!

  2. What a nice picture. You look lovely da’ling. Welcome back to DC!What a bright future you have! Hey, is that you in the first picture with Elsie Scott & Sheila Jackson Lee?

  3. Come on over, there are some great places to live in the District. I am near the Carter-Barron amphitheater, a neighborhood with a history of being home to black professionals and officials of the District (Mayor Fenty lives behind me). You just don’t see very many neighborhoods like this in America. We are sandwiched between Adams Morgan and Rock Creek park too, this hood is the place to be.

  4. Easern Market, you’re in my neck of the woods. Enjoy and rest up. There’s a lot going on CBC weekend and it will quickly become a blur.

  5. Amber actually has a career now Danielle. She’s gonna be in October ELLE. She will also be appearing in ads for some perfume soon. Plus she walked the runway for somebody during New York Fashion Week. Not bad I say.Say hello to Marion for us. Lol (And if you see Michelle Rhee kick her in the shins for me)

  6. I’m with you. DC is awesome and I had an amazing time at my first CBC conference. I’m military and trying to work another assignment in the area because so far DC has been great for my day job, "side hustle," and my social circle. The quality of the panel discussions I participated in and the contacts I made will have me saving the date for next year’s conference for sure.

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