Open Thread: The Black Snob Has to Pack for Her Trip

So today is going to be a slow news day on the blog. So will tomorrow as I spend most of the day trying to get to Washington, D.C. But I will poke my head in to let you all know how things are going. I’m working on two book reviews so I’ll also be power reading through Erica Kennedy’s “Feminista” and “I Didn’t Work This Hard Just to Get Married,” by Nika C. Beamon. I’m going to try to interview both authors for their tomes so, stay posted.

Until then, what’s news people!

6 thoughts on “Open Thread: The Black Snob Has to Pack for Her Trip

  1. Not more desperate to get married fluff. People are making a killing off of these desperate women

  2. Good luck and have fun Snob~and o/t-that model in the stock photo with this post is seriously all over the web, she’s like wholesome black girl/natural hair/for a million different topics.

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