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It’s time for another chat about the comments section fellow snobinistas!

While The Snob loves your comments (loves them with all her little heart), lately things have been feeling kind of trollish and over the top, meaning that some of you (not all, just a small minority) seem to be stuck on one particular note and can’t seem to vary their comments from thread-to-thread, simply just restating the same statements over and over in different orders. This must stop. I don’t mind you having a strong opinion, but when you’re screaming about politics on a simple photo thread where the only comments should be “cute photo” or “I don’t like the photo,” you have a serious problem.

Please, don’t be a rote one-note. As Mama Snob likes to say: Variety is the spice of life. Don’t use the comments section to push an agenda. Just use it to leave comments germane to the topic at hand … or face deletion.

Oh. And side note: Ad hominen attacks on fellow commenters are still unnecessary and asshat behavior! (And will get you deleted!)

That is all! Have a peachy keen day!

The Snob

26 thoughts on “Blog Etiquette

  1. I understand the reason for this post, but really, was it necessary? Start deleting already…. By the way, I let my emotions get the better of me a few blog comments ago, and realized that I had gone too far. An apology was issued, but having the ability to edit and delete our own posts sure would be helpful. It may not be something that this blog tool has as an option.Peace.Rick BeaglePS The truly sad part of this whole affair, it seems as if there is some sort of correlation between vile comments and increased traffic to the site.

  2. @ RickWell, I try to run things as a benevolent dictatorship. I prefer it for people to try to police themselves when they can and usually these notes help. I do actually delete quite a few comments (usually the really vile racist ones or spam), but I’m trying to avoid getting to the point where I have to approve all comments prior to posting. Hence the note.

  3. My comment wasn’t vile but was off topic. I’m feeling guilty, so I apologize. I don’t want to be banished.

  4. Yea, I second that motion. Ace appears to be awfully impressed with his trollish state of being. If I’ve been guilty I’ll clean up my act so that the "good work" you do can continue.

  5. My comments are short and innocuous, so I know I’m not guilty of anything. I did make one silly comment last week that seemed to strangely disappear. On a photo of Bo, I made this comment: "That old Bo is the best dang dog in the whole dang world." Please don’t tell me you deleted this, Danielle. It was indeed goofy, but certainly nothing objectionable about it.

  6. Seriously. Not my blog, not my rules, but vile racism and antisemitism has plenty of homes in other parts of the web, it doesn’t need to find a home here. Especially since your posts and the comments of the vast majority of other people are clearly at a high level.

  7. Oh thank you, thank you, thank you Queen Snob!! I’ am often disenchanted with the ignoramus comments. This is my favorite blog because I feel that the content and the people are so much more intelligent than on so many other blogs that I have visted. So many times people can’t get away from the people bashing or they are simply far to caught up in the race issue. I say "hey… it is what it is! let stay progressive people and the rest will take care of its self. I’m glad that you are urging and reminding folk to stay focused on the issues that are being posted , and enjoy blogging and being intelligent people together. Thanks for being intellgent, witty, and just plain old snobbish! Have a great trip!

  8. I believe she’s speaking to everyone, Aabackawad. If you all ever had a chance to listen to real "Black Men" with families that "aren’t" afraid, you’d hear my sentiments. Tavis Smiley made mention of Barack, Tiger Woods, and others in the same sentence Sunday night, however, most of the "rest" of America wouldn’t get the point he was making. " The American way" is to get rid of the "Black Man" voice isn’t it, Aabackawad? Danielle Benton was speaking to everyone. " I got it". You’ll never get it. And this conversation between me and you is not about race, its about how people have been programmed to think. "When they tell you all to ‘think outside the box’, don’t you think they really mean it, because now you dealing with "truth" and that would crumble "lies". Be safe and enjoy, DB!

  9. Ace, it’s the pushing it on everyone here when they don’t want to go there. I realize you aren’t making a racial point; you are making an extremely anti-semitic one, everywhere you can.Let’s just segregate this out. Got to this short post by DB at and read it. Now go to Hot Topics at Then go to the end of the list of hot topics (bottom of the main column) and click the "Create New Post" button. Voila! You have just started your own post on The Black Snob, complete with comment section! Come up with a short catchy title. Now create a long, detailed, but not overly inflammatory, essay on what you think about Obama, and whatever else, as it relates to Jewish influence in the world and American politics. Those that care to will come over and discuss this with you. I promise I will.Once in a great while, when commenting on one of The Black Snob posts, you can politely remind us of your special post.This way, all of your political thought, our responses, and your counterpoints will conveniently be in one place. And the comment sections of The Black Snob posts will stay topical.

  10. Ace,Sir, you are a bigot. You are as intolerable as the people you purport to despise, but you are too full of your own hate to see the "truth". I am not sure what made you such a hateful and evil person, but you should just go sit down with the tea baggers and know you are one of them – not us. So be a good hating tea bagger and head on over to Fox, home of the truly insanely evil shills of wasted humanity.DB,Why do you allow such overt hate to remain on your site? We can not call to task the evil deeds of these tea baggers, police, and allow people like Ace to populate your comments section with such vile and repugnant rhetoric. Remaining silent on any form of racism or bigotry does not move the conversation or our country forward.Peace.Rick Beagle

  11. Don’t start, people! Because the same people that always claiming "anti-semetic", ‘race card", "minority", ect. are the same people that tARE rying to silence folks who aren’t afraid to speak the "truth". Check yourslves! Stop playing the "reverse racism" card, you know the one – "If you speak out against discrimination and racism, you must be the discriminator and racist". Remember, I’m a Black Man, something you all are just not used to hearing. I ain’t Obama – I’m not going to backtrack and tell you what you all want to hear just so that "you" can feel safe. DON’T START NO SH, WON’T BE NO.. TELL THEM, DB. Jimmy Carter knows somethings about this Israel influence as well. That’s why he’s telling America if Israel stopped all of the ocupying they are doing over there in Palestine maybe this terrorism stuff will die down on Israel, but you all don’t want to hear that. "The media" will just make more transit terrorist warnings using their newspapers. DON’T START, I AIN’T THE ONE.

  12. "if you speak out against discrimination and racism, you must be the discriminator and racist" – Wow, isn’t that exactly what Glen Black and millions of other Americans are doing right now with Barack and all other people of color? Wow!!!

  13. "If you speak out against discrimination and racism, you must be the discriminator and racist" – Wow, isn’t that exactly what Glen Beck and millions of other Americans are doing right now with Barack and all other people of color? Wow!!!

  14. Actually Ace, many people here, like me, are very against Israeli policy. In fact, a few jews I know are against it too. But your theory is much more broad than that. In my previous comment, I gave you a clear and easy way to essentially create your own focused little blog within a blog on your ideas where we (those who want to) can discuss it all with you without disrupting the main thrust of The Black Snob. You have the right to engage us. You do not have the right to disrupt The Black Snob. And that is what you are doing, stomping like a rhino on each and every comment thread.

  15. Aabaakawad, I notice that you are a "registered" member, unlike most of these folks, but let’s let Danielle Belton make that call. I do not need for you to agree with me and I do not need your recommendations. The same clear easy way you gave is the same clear and easy way they managed to negate Kemet, Sumeria, Nubia, Timbuctoo, ect. from world history. I don’t need you to give me "anything" except "respect". If I call your man a "chicken george" or whatever, I beat you because I love you, and you represent "me". For some reason, we will never connect, and I do not know who and what you are, but I am a Black Man. Are you Danielle Belton in disguise? Because if you are I’ll gladly go. The "truth" is nothing to be afraid of, unless you got something to hide.

  16. Ugly people speak ugly words, let the ugliness stay, but you don’t fight ugly with ugly, you fight ugly with beauty. Beautiful people don’t see the ugly people let alone hear them.

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