When Rhetoric Becomes Reality

Thursday Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi started to break down a bit while talking about the rhetoric being bandied about in the latest round of “not my government/president.” She said it reminded her of the environment in San Francisco during the 1970s that resulted in the violent death of one Harvey Milk, an openly gay politician. As I’ve written before on the blog, many of the individuals profiting from riling up the masses don’t care if there could be a lone nut somewhere taking them all too seriously about their fearmongering. It’s all fun and Tea Parties until someone gets hurt.

Of course, if someone DOES get hurt I’m sure the great Round Robin of “Not My Fault” will drown the airwaves. Heaven forbid a fearmongerer take responsibility for their fearmongering.

17 thoughts on “When Rhetoric Becomes Reality

  1. Let’s be honest! The jews put obama in office to carry out their policies, not Black America’s. We know this, but since you "jews" selected a punk to carry out "your" interest, not Black America’s, it is your responsibility to stop this "Helter Skelter" race war that you guys are allowing with the media that "you" jews own. You jews selected Obamna to do your bidding and you own media people like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity and them. Black people better wake up, because the "jews" are the ones that control Obama and "the media". You notice Rush never says anything about jews, why? They employ him. Black people know who financed the middle passage, know who owned the plantations, know who changed the characters in the Holy Bible, know who put Barack in Office, know who controls the media and Rush Limbaugh, know who gives all of our tax money to Israel. Jew’s you started this crap with this "bi-racial" coward, NOW FIX IT! Black people catching hell because some "jews" hiding behind a bi-racial coward who’s too afraid to stand up for himself and his "race’. GOD, PUNISH THESE WICKED PEOPLE. You put the coward in there to do your dirty work now you "jews" better take his back! Cause if not, "we" are going to unite with the white people against you all to protect our contry from being taking over by "ZIonist". GOD IS STILL SENDING MESSENGERS, ITS JUST THAT THE JEWS OWN ALL THE STATIONARY.

  2. Pelosi’s attempt to get political sympathy by tearing up are pathetic. Next is she going to claim that she has clothes stained by the blood of White and Moscone?

  3. How did ace get through and where can ace be returned? Ace’s asinine old school in the worst sense of the word racism,anti-semetic talk needs to be kicked to the curb. I hope the only reason he/she got through is a temporary lapse and not a reflection of black snob. I read it for more than angry wake up calls. I could go on but I will stop at this point.

  4. I’m shocked by a comment from "Ace". I wish you would flag that comment. I would hope that hate filled and obscene comments would have no place on this blog. It’s people like Ace that we need to guard against. We really are in dangerous times. I don’t think I’ve seen this kind of hate-filled, racially charged climate since the 60’s and 70’s when civil rights heroes risked their lives for CHANGE.

  5. The truth hurts doesn’t it? You will shut Ace down but won’t say nothing to Wlison, Limbaugh, Beck and the rest of the clan. Why is that?

  6. You know how it is with those things Danielle – hypocrisy at its finest. If, goodness forbid, he was hurt or (dare I say it) killed, they’ll be the first ones lining up to visit him at the hospital or read his eulogy. Jerks.

  7. Ace, if you read this blog and its comments carefully, you would know Wilson, Limbaugh, and Beck have been roundly disparaged. But at least they don’t come here and pollute the comments. You have expressed your paranoid and hateful message at least 20 times now. Everyone here has heard you at least twice. No one is buying your kool-aid, and no one wants to argue with you. If you have another tune to play, we’ll listen, otherwise just go away, you have worn this tune out.

  8. Trust me, if there wasn’t some truth to what I said, it would have been erased. There’s a freedom of speech for :"some" Americans and then others aren’t allowed to say anything. The only kool-aid that’s being distributed and drunk is the stuff you’ve been drinking from "the media". If "honest" Black people, like myself, were in the media telling the ‘truth", I wouldn’t be here. Baracks presence right now only nuetralizes Black America’s advancement. Think about that. When Danielle say go away, I’ll go away, but you people hear the "truth" everytime I type.

  9. I have stated repeatedly that this is going to get ugly, and through the grace of God, I have been wrong thus far (and never so glad to be wrong in my life). These folks need to be stopped, but how? Perhaps the liberals can mount together a million man march for understanding in every city. Show the world that we mean it when we say equality for all.Ace is a reminder that racism and absurdity are an equal opportunity affair.Peace.Rick Beagle

  10. It’s a strange example Pelosi cites;after all Milk and Moscone were shot by a fellow Democrat who was upset that Moscone would not give him his job back. Milk was merely collateral damage. By that analogy, the Right will get riled up and shoot Sara Palin. Still Milk got a movie and martyrdom out of it, more than Pelosi will ever get, so it’s all good.

  11. I’ll take heed to Danielle’s comments on "Blog Etiquette". I do not need to curse, I do not need to put other bloggers down. When Danielle say’s "go" – I’ll go. What I say you don’t want to hear, I get it, but the truth"ain’t never hurt nobody. I was listening to Tavis Smiley Show yesterday and he had professors from Howard, Yale, and Princeton University and the question arose "Do we need Black studies at colleges now that Barack Obama is President?" When I talk about one man nuetralizing a people, this is just the beginning. All of the professors concurred that Barack Obama is "not " the panecea to "racism" and you guys can stop with the "Post racial" rhteoric. Danielle, I read your blog and I know I gte under some of these folks skin with my foul language and I’ll cut it, but I haven’t seen nothing I typed deleted yet. You probably do not agree neither, but you are open to a "Black Man’s" perspective, Thank you!

  12. Ranjae:My understanding is that White later admitted that he targeted Milk b/c Milk opposed the re-appointment of White. Getting the story right clearly isn’t Pelosi’s goal, she just wants all the left sheep to nod in agreement.

  13. Scott – I will gladly accede to your superior knowledge. However as you say, the larger point about Pelosi remains the same

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