Michelle Obama Photo Crack of the Day

20 thoughts on “Michelle Obama Photo Crack of the Day

  1. I want to love ths dude too, but until he admits he has some Black in him and that he can stand up for the Blackness in his wife and kids…

  2. The black Kennedys. Hee, hee. You go, Obama, with your bad self. Old Dixie must be having a nervous breakdown right now.

  3. Do you not post pictures anymore, Danielle? Huff never has a wide variety of them. Plus I can’t stand supporting their website.

  4. Thanks for posting these pics. Everytime I see Michelle Obama, I smile. I’m glad she got her Farmers Market approved so quickly! She is so good for this country, as is her husband.

  5. Absolutely love this blog and this post. @ Ace — ? How many times does the President have to reference his heritage until you and others feel comfortable or validated? Please, take a chill and get a hobby.

  6. Who in the heck is Ace and please go away? When did you get to be the official arbiter of Negrocity? If so I daresay too many of us might not pass your smell test.

  7. Thanks so much for posting for the fellow Michelle stans. She looks great in that first pic. I love that dress and it looks like she has lost weight.

  8. she is so fly. i wish more chicks in the hood had a cool. mary j. set a standard for an around the way girl but michelle is doing it international… and for the older women! my wife can barely stand me when i’m jokin michelle…and yes she has jackie o. beat.

  9. Michelle looks great as usual. (Off-topic – to a certain extent, I agree with Ace. But again, only to a certain extent.)

  10. When the quote " Pictures are worth a thousand words" is presented…they couldn’t be more right on this one!Sincerely,Go

  11. @ DenettaA year ago I decided to go legit in regard to my photo thievery and stop publishing photos I didn’t have permission to print. So now, unless they come from the official White House flickr page, I have to either pay for the pics or get them from another site and link back to the majority of the pictures. So … yeah. Until this site pulls in enough money to afford photos, photos from others will just have to do. I’ll try to find other sites with galleries that aren’t HuffPo tho.

  12. *swoon*I ADORE her. People around me can complain about the Prez's decisions and actions all day long, but as soon as they even consider badmouthing the FLOTUS I put my gloves on!

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