The Real Housewives It Is (The Forum)

13 thoughts on “The Real Housewives It Is (The Forum)

  1. I implore you all not to watch this show. Read a good book or do something else constructive instead. If not for me, do it for your brain cells…

  2. @ The_AAgreed. There’s too much on the table in the country right now to be distracted by foolishness.In fact, I was kind of praying The Snob would have penned another spot-on post about how the Speaker of the House literally started crying today over the prospect of our President being murdered. We need her take on this.

  3. Nobody likes to watch mindless tv at times? You don’t have to be consumed with the news all the time, that makes for a lot of negativity! Read the Bible, that is constructive.

  4. @ NAGROMRead the Bible as an escape from negativity?Um, have you flipped through the Old Testament lately? It’s not exactly the feel-good-hit-of-the-year, if you know what I mean.

  5. ..just funny mindless entertainment to me. I like lisa tho, and sheree won cool points when the planner snap, and she was about to take to the streets. ROTFL a divorce will put you over the edge when u do not have a good outlet for it.

  6. I watched this show twice and I can’t understand why a bunch of silly, immature women would allow themselves to be used by the TV network to make even bigger fools of themselves. I couldn’t believe what I saw. They must have been in a bunch of groupies to get these men with this money because they have no class and the ony taste they have is in their mouths. I can’t believe that we are reduced to watching this. It should be on BET with the rest of the trash. Brings back the old sayings of my mother….What does it profit a man to gain the world and lose his soul. That’s exactly what happens here.

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