Happy Birthday to the Baddest Snob of Them All

Today is a national holiday in the Snob family. It is Baby Snob, aka, my little sister Deidre’s birthday. Deidre (along with Big Sis, aka, Denise, my big sister) is my ace, so I will be taking her out today for her present. This means a short updating schedule. (I know. Woo woo woo.) But considering I blogged all weekend long like a numbnuts, I’m exhausted from not taking a mental health day. So I’m going to deal with some house cleaning, make some business calls, kick it with the baby sis and call it a diz-zay. Please enjoy yourself, enjoy yourself, enjoy yourself for me.

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to the Baddest Snob of Them All

  1. Happy Birthday, Little Queen. Today is my mothers birthdays as well, so I know you’ll be a another strong virgo queen. Happy Birthday!!! They still gone say I ain’t got no class, but the truth hurts, Little Snob, you’ll see as you get older.

  2. Enjoy Yourself, Enjoy Yourself, Enjoy Yourself 4 Me….The " BADDEST " Snobs Of All!

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