The Kanye Interrupts Obama Inevitable Mash-Up (Video)

5 thoughts on “The Kanye Interrupts Obama Inevitable Mash-Up (Video)

  1. Just like our people, try to make a joke out of some real "disrepectful" stuff with "Hip-hop" (helping ignorant people – hurt our people" garbage. That is all that our people have learned from these people over the past 40 years. This is not funny, he’s still "Chicken Geoge" (the son Kizzy detested in the series Roots).

  2. If that Kanye crap was real they would have cut that crap off so quick. What he did was ignorant and what Wilson was did was even more ignorant. But we are talking about the President of the United States. Shoot, do to Kanye what you all did to Emmit Teel for messing with your little girls record sales wise, but this is the got darn Preisident of the United States we are talking about. Kanye figures if they did it to Obama, "I’m doing it to ya’ll". That probably wasn’t his real line of thought, but you can surely feel the "Emmit Teel" fury over this little white girl and no concern about the disrespect for ‘THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES". Can’t say Kanye’s a "Chicken Georege", that is for sure. May be ignorant, but he ain’t scared.

  3. @Violette…Amen. And who the hell is Emmett Teel? I do know of a young man named Emmett Till who was beaten to death by a racist mob, but I’ve not heard of this Teel fellow at all. And, ummm Ace….a ton of people were completely p.o’ed by Joe Wilson’s comments, so much so that some dude nobody’s ever heard of has raised close to $2M off that mess since it happened. Kanye was drunkety drunk drunk and acted a complete fool – a completely separate issue from what bro Joe (until this fantastic mash-up). The take away message is, the next time you see Kanye with a half empty bottle of Henny, somebody better put a muzzle on him and confiscate the CAPS LOCK button on his keyboard.

  4. Don’t blame me for the confusing, blame the person for mixing this video with Kanye’s voice. I’m just trying to add some light to the "fury’ that that ignorant fiasco has caused and how there was no real outburst from African Americans and the presidient on Wilson. Kanye was wrong, but so was the person who mixed this video. I’m a Gemimi, also.

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