Obama. Steve Kroft. Another 60 Minutes Interview. (Video)

2 thoughts on “Obama. Steve Kroft. Another 60 Minutes Interview. (Video)

  1. Alll good Black mothers will give you that famous "I can show you better than I can tell you" great line, I wonder if Obama’s parent’s taught him that famous line, because we’s about "speeched out". Got Damn! Give it a rest – "Do something" other than try to get compliments for how well you speak, Dude!

  2. As long as Obama’s in the white house white people will continue to scream "reverse racism". They are in their glory! In the mean time, those who own Time Magazine, MVA shows, ect. are continuing to advance their agenda while the petty whites fight the blacks who have been pretty much nuetralized by a puppet that does not represent their interest at all. Obama is being used to nuetralize any advancement of Black America and "hip-hop" is fueling the racial divide while a whole nother agenda is being carried out. Its called "divide and conquer" going on right here in our very own country. I’m proud to be an "American" just as they are of Israel, I’m sorry! Wake up, people!!!

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